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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 2 of Suit squats

Straight bar squats: 145 X 8, 235 X 5, 325 X 2, 415 X 1,
Ace briefs on: 595 X 1, 685 X 1
Ace suit bottoms: 775 X 1 really high
Straps Up: 865 X 1 really high, 905 X 1 really high
Straps down: 775 X 2 still way high.

Wheel barrow: 4 plates loaded on the closest peg to the handles for about a lap.

Having trouble getting comfortable with the notion of getting in the hole right now. It isn't the suit stopping me, so I will get over it and take one to depth eventually.

Good thing this is only a practice cycle....

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