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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Extra Upper

I did speed bench for the first time in about a year: 8 sets of 3 with 185
Low Row: 2 pl X 10, 3 pl X 10, 3.5 pl X 10, 2.5 pl X 12
One arm KB press: 20kg X 10, 24kg X 10, 28kg X 10, 32kg X 10
Band triceps extension: 3 sts of 20
weird band suspended kb curls that Chauncey talked me into doing: 2 sets of 12 with 12 kg
Spud Inc Long Ab strap Standing crunches: 4 sets of 10
Pulled one lap with 2 plates on the sled

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Night of Suit Doubles

Squat: 145 X 2 sets of 10, 235 X 2 sets of 5, 325 X 2, 435 X 1 (briefs on) 515 X 1, 675 X 1, suit bottom on for 775 X 1, straps up for 805 X 2 , 855 X 2. The 805 was fast and clean, and the 855 wasn't bad ( a little slower, but I'll Take it). Now the question I ask my self is.......What do I do for Doubles next week?
Keith the Angry Troll came down to do singles in his canvas diper. I don't think he has put a squat suit on for singles in a few years, and still squatted 805 easily weighing only 220. I think everyone hates Keith a little for that.

Bench night

Decided not to take this week to deload because I need more work.
Put a different shirt on tonight to try it out and it felt good.
405 X 2 off 3 board, 495 X 2 off 2 board, 585 X 2 off 2 board, 635 X 1 off 2 board, 675 X near miss at the top off a 2 board. I felt pretty good tonight in the different shirt, and was able to handle some heavier weight (which always helps me). Well my constant diet of chic-fila, reese cups and protein shake monstrosities has paid off. I weighed in this morning (pre-breakfast) and was 310 lbs. I hope to maintain this weight until the meet, and by then i think my body will be used to it and should carry it better.

Here's a mind blower for ya, When Spud drops another 5 lbs I will be 100 lbs heavier than he is!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Speed Deads

Saturday is going to be speed pulls from now until the meet on 9/6/08.
We did reverse bands with the bar suspended by breen bands (although the way we had it didn't take much weight off) worked up to 515 for 5 or 6 sets of 3
Planned on pulling the sled with two plates for 2 laps, but My back started cramping 3/4 way around the first lap so one lap was enough. The last 10 lbs i have gained is starting to show in my energy level. It was quite funny to me earlier today I played with my dog for a few minutes then laid down on the bed and breathed hard for a good 5 thats when you know your out of shape!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Extra upper

Wide Lat Pulldown with Fatbar: 4 sets medium heavy
Push press on PS Squatter: 1 pl X 8, 2 pl X 8, 2.5 pl X 8, 3 pl X 8
Lying DB Triceps ext: 40 X 10, 50 X 10, 60 X 10
KB Snatch laddar:(one arm) 16, 20, 24, 28 kg X 5 reps each arm then 20, 24,28,32 kg X 5 reps each arm
Kroc Row: 80 X 20, 100 X 20
Nothing special today, just trying to get a little work in. After the workout I went and ate at a chinese buffet and just for curiosity I got on the scale and it said 307........Nice!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deload Squat

Well I guess I should just call it deload, because I didn't squat at all. I was going to pull the sled, but lucky for me I put it off long enough and it started raining. I mainly stretched a little and helped the other guys out. It is probably a good thing I didn't do it, because i was fairly sure I would have lost my lunche(s). A combo of Chinese buffet and chic-fila was weighing heavy on my gut.......I know its a hard job gaining weight but I am willing to make the sacrafice.
303 lbs and counting, hoping for 305-310.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shirt Bench in meet shirt

Bench: 135 X 2 sets of 10, 225 X 2 sets of 6, 315 X 1, 405 X 3 (shirt on) off 3 board, 495 X 2 off 1 board, 545 X 2 sets of 2 off 1 board and 1 set of 3. Not a bad night. Still trying to get my form just right. One would figure that I would have learned by now, but not so much...... Looking forward to not squatting on Wednesday I am going to do some sled work and stretching, but thats about it!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last Heavy dead day before meet

7/18/08 Deads: 135 X 2 sets of 5, 225 X 2 sets of 5, 315 X 2 sets of 3, 415 X 1 set of 2, 515 X 1. I put my ace briefs on for my next set, but didn't have them seated well so it was hard to get to the bar. 605 X 1 ugly rep. Pulled and tugged for a long time so I could get the briefs up more and it worked. 605 X 2. I was still a little stiff and sore from Wednesday and Thursdays training, so I called it a day there. I will try to just focuse on doing some speed work from now until the meet to cement my form.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

upper assistance day

Did what I call the Kettle Bell Trio wich consists of swings, snatch, snatch press.
16 kg X 8, 20 kg X 8, 24 kg X 8 Not enough to kill me, but just enough to get my back locked up.
Lat Pull downs with fat bar: 4 sets of 10
Band Pull aparts: monster mini X 3 sets of 20
Band Pushdowns: superset blue, green, purple all 20 reps for 2 sets
DB Hammer Curls: 70 lbs X 8 ( I did these just for Brant who use to be a bodybuilder but is now trying powerlifting)

We shot a product demo for the new Spud Inc Sled belt and Track Harnass today. So I had to act like I was somewhat athletic and not out of breath while pulling the sled for 10 feet. Had a stomach bug for a few days and lost 4 lbs.....but not for long!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Last Single in suit

Squats: 145 X 2 sets of 10, 235 X 2 sets of 5, 335 X 1, 505 X 1, 655 X 1, suit bottoms on for 750 X 1
straps up for 865 X 1, 925 X 1. The 865 went very well because i got my form almost just right. The 925 was a little bit of a grinder because I had some set-up issues. Almost parallel will work for tonight. I will try to sink my doubles to right around meet depth in a few weeks. All things considered, it was a pretty good night.

First day in Meet shirt

7/15/08 Reverse Band Bench:
225 X 8, 315 X 8, 405 X 5, 495 X 1, added shirt for the rest of the sets, 675 X 1 off 3 board
765 X 1 off 2 board, 765 X miss off 1 board, 765 X 1 off 1 board (used a little more legs on this one) I put the shirt I plan on using in my meet on tonight to get a feel for it, and it felt good. Next week I will use straight weight and see how it goes. I am not as happy with tonight as I would like to be as I was hoping to have 800 for a single to a 1 board....but not tonight