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Thursday, July 17, 2008

upper assistance day

Did what I call the Kettle Bell Trio wich consists of swings, snatch, snatch press.
16 kg X 8, 20 kg X 8, 24 kg X 8 Not enough to kill me, but just enough to get my back locked up.
Lat Pull downs with fat bar: 4 sets of 10
Band Pull aparts: monster mini X 3 sets of 20
Band Pushdowns: superset blue, green, purple all 20 reps for 2 sets
DB Hammer Curls: 70 lbs X 8 ( I did these just for Brant who use to be a bodybuilder but is now trying powerlifting)

We shot a product demo for the new Spud Inc Sled belt and Track Harnass today. So I had to act like I was somewhat athletic and not out of breath while pulling the sled for 10 feet. Had a stomach bug for a few days and lost 4 lbs.....but not for long!

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