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Monday, November 14, 2011

Short and Ugly...

So the meet didn't go quite as planned for me. 3 missed squat attempts and i was a handler for the other two guys who didn't bomb. It was a combo of technique/balance/vaginitis issues I suppose, but at the end of the day I had my first bomb out. It happens, not the end of the world, but enough to piss you off real good. So back to training. I have picked out another meet to do to somewhat salvage the training cycle. ( I'll let you know how it goes for me). But back to the training.
Bench on Monday (sucked as I was smashed from the 3 missed squats: managed an ugly double with 725 off a 3 board and went home.
Wednesday squats: Back was still wreaked from 1/2 squatting at the meet:
685X 2
775X 2
825 X 2 all in briefs. Was planning on suit doubles, but wasn't happening.
Saturday felt terrible from squatting and it was the apex of my sickness so didn't feel like doing anything: 315 X 6 set of 3 deads
45 degree back ext: 4 sets of 10 with 45# plate
I also did a good bit of abs and reverse hypers and stretched.....done after that. Not one of my best days.

Week 2 of training: Felt much better than last Monday:
2 sets of 2 with 7256 off a 2 board (Would have been 3 sets but got off balance on one set and just got a single out of it. Bench is feeling better and going in a positive direction so I am pleased with that.
Flat DB Press: 40 # X 3 sets of 20 with biceps/pec stretching in between.
That is about all she wrote until Wednesday Suite Doubles. The plan is 900-925 for 2 sets of doubles.

Friday, October 28, 2011


The meet is 8 days away now. I am starting to feel a little better and recovered a little bit now thankfully. I am and will be doing some foam rolling and stretching a little every day to help facilitate recovery. I am drinking more water and loading up on my branch chain aminos (afterglow) and that normally makes me feel much better. My weight is hanging right around 321-323 # right now. I will probably try and weigh right around the same at the meet since my equipment won't hold much more. As always everything is subject to change but right now here are my planned openers:
Squat: 1005
Bench: 765-775
Dead: 675

Still have to try and stretch my shirt out a little more so I can actually touch at the meet, but I figure a couple of nights stretching will give me enough room to touch. we shall see.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Last bench night of the cycle

Raw bench work:
135 X 2 sets of 10
225 X 2 sets of 6
315 X 2 off 2 foam boards
365 X 2 off 2 board
405 X 2 sets of 2 off 2 board
455 X 2 sets of 2 of 2 board
495 X 2 off a 2 board. Nice and fast
495 X 1 off 1 board. Pretty good speed. Pretty happy with how the weights felt tonight.
Floor Press: 225 X 10, 12, 15 reps
DB Side Raise: 30,35, 40 # all for 1 set of 10 each weight.
External Rotator work: 2 sets of 15 each arm.
Arm Bars: 2 sets of 1 minute holds each arm with 16 Kg Kettlebell.
Done for the night there. I did some more biceps, pec, and shoulder stretching, but nothing monumental.
My wife, dog, and I went to the mountains for the week end with her family. Overall it was a great time and fun. I did have a minor melt down when I found out that the $ we paid for the house we rented gave us a pull out couch to sleep on......It was a blur of anger and curse words. It all worked out sort of, and we had a good week end until There was an unexpected 4 mile hike up and down a freak'en mountain!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Squats and Pulls in one night

Wednesday was our last suited squat day. I had an opener planned, but decided to back off a little and just do a set of doubles.
Bar X 8
255 X 2 sets of 6
345 X 1
455 X 1
Briefs on
655 X 1
Suit on straps up with light knee wrap
855 X 2

Deads: The plan was to do an opener and maybe one or 2 more singles just below my opener
405 X 1 I managed to get into my briefs that I wore last meet when i weighed 310. Strange that now i can't get down to the bar in them at 325.....
Wardrobe change: Karl offered the services of his Metal King Deadlifter that is WAY to big for him to ever wear, so I gave it a try.
545 X 1
675 X 1 It went pretty decent. It didn't feel all that speedy, but looked solid on video. The King Deadlift suit is not what I am used to so I wanted to try on a pair of titan briefs the next size up from the ones I outgrew.
635 X 1 in the different briefs. It felt ugly and looked the part too. Still too tight to get down to the bar right. Going with the King Deadlifter at the meet! Opener is planned at 675 and not likely to change. This is the meet to be aggressive.

-Back is wrecked, time for a week-end recoup

Monday, October 17, 2011

Another productive night benching

The title is a little misleading, but every night is a learning experience so...I guess it was productive.
I used my 58 Phenom tonight instead of the 56 I have been using....lessen learned. I got zero pop from the 58. I will save you the warm ups: Everything shirted.
635 X 1 off 3 board
700 X 2 off a 2 board (felt like a raw press....a slingshot at best)
725 X 2 misses off a 1 board. For once touching was not a problem. Both attempts touched easily, but i had no Drive off the board and did not lock either out. A little frustrating that there is that much difference in one shirt size, but I guess that is what I get for trying to be a girl and use a shirt that is too big for me. I put my 56 on after the two misses.
56 phenom I touched a two board with 725 (never touched a two board that light before), and the press felt great. I stretched the 56 with kettlebells in the arms overnight this past Saturday, so I will continue to do this a few more time until meet day, and it should be good to go.

Side DB Raise: 30,40,45 lbs all for sets of 10

External Rotator Work: 3 sets of 15 each shoulder.

Now to the learning part of the night. After taking (4) 700 lb benches that all felt like 800+ I was a little irritated. So as soon as I got ready in my 56 and got the hand off I just went with it. I brought it down much faster than i normally do and it touched much easier even though I didn't tuck my arms enough. I guess its like getting out of a moving car. Commit to it...then, Tuck and roll with that shit!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Speed Pull'en

Speed deads: 5 sets of 3 with 455. I backed off the weight a little this week to work on good form and hip extension.
Stiff Leg deads: 315 X 5 standing on a bumper plate. This set felt pretty crappy and jacked my already jacked back up a little so I forwent any other sets with that.
Glute Hams: 4 sets of 8
Standing band crunch: 4 sets o 15
Benblique raise: 3 sets of 12
Standing crunch with Spud,Inc. Long Ab strap: 3 sets of 12

My wife and I went to Chauncey and Leah's baby shower Saturday. Best baby shower I could hope for. Plenty of beer, fried chicken, BBQ, and cake!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Squat openers again

Squat with straight bar:
145 X 2 sets of 8
255 X 2 sets of 4
335 X 1
455 X 1
Briefs on from here on
655 X 1
Suit on from here on
855 X 1 straps up
1005 X 2 singles. Both were decent, but not great. I needed a little more depth and still have to dial my form in to maximize my squat potential for the meet.
Rack Pulls right below the knee:
315 X 3
405 X 3
495 X 3
585 X 3
675 X 3 (straps)
675 X 2 no straps. I have been working on dragging the bar up my leg and popping the hips hard at the end, and it has kinda beat up my top hand a bit banging against my leg, so my grip isn't it's strongest right now.
Reverse hypers: 2 sets of 15 with 400#
I am writing this on Thursday and feel absolutely smashed. Must have done some good last night then.

Me not touching again...

Bench in shirt. I will save you the warm ups.
Shirt on: 635 X 1 off 4 board
675 X 1 off 2 board
765 X 1 off of an air 1.5 board
815 X just hanging out in the bottom trying to get it to a half board, then said take it....kinda like last week.
Floor Press:
315 X 8
365 X 2 sets of 5 or 6
Rolling triceps ext:
45,55,65 all for 10 reps each
I can't remember if there was anything else or not. If there was, you are not missing much (obviously since I can't remember).

I have been using a 56 Phenom for the cycle, but I will give my 58 a go next week to see if I can get something to touch and still have the drive I want. If not, we will wing it with the 56 at the meet.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Finally speed pulls from the floor

Warm up: 2 sets of 10 reverse hyper with 400 #
After what seemed like forever we get to go back to normal speed deads from the floor:
495 X 5 sets of 3 Most sets were pretty clean and fast (2/3 reps at least).
Glute ham raised 8-10": 4 sets of 6-8 reps each set. Never have been good at these, but getting better.
Hanging high leg raises: 3 set of 6
Gray band standing crunch: 4 sets of 12-15
Ben(o)blique raise: 75 X 10, 85 X 10, 85 X 10
Reverse hyper: 500 # for 2 sets of 15

I will have 1 more speed pull day, and then pull openers on squat night in a week and a half. All downhill after that...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bench night in shirt

The plan was to touch an opener to a 1 board or half board, then go up to a heavy reverse band...not the case tonight.
145 X 3 sets of 8
235 X 2 sets of 5
325 X 2 sets of 1
415 X 1 off 2 board
put my shirt on
645 X 1 off 4 board
735 X 1 off 2 board
795 X dump off 1 board
795 X 1 airboard press (would have been a 1.5 board)
825 X miss off 1 board. It still didn't quite touch, but held it down to help stretch the shirt a little. After looking at the video, I noticed I was not tucking my arms as much as I normally do, so that may be one of the causes the shirt was locking up.
Flat DB Press: 70, 85, 95 all for 10 reps.
monster mini band pull aparts: 3 sets of 20

I was pretty smashed from benching so I called it there. Not a great night by any means....but always something to be learned from those nights.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sped pulls

Reverse Hyper Warm up: 2 sets of 15 with 400 #
Sped Pulls off of 3" of mats:
405 X 2 sets of 3 most pretty decent speed and pop
455 X 2 or 3 sets of 3 1 or 2 reps were decent per set
405 X 3 Better than last week, but still not the pop and synchronicity I would like.
Glute Hams: 2 sets of 8 body weight
2 sets of 6-8 with a 25 # plate.
Floor barbell somewhat sit ups (picking shoulders up 4-5" off floor):
95 # X 5 sets of 10
Oblique crunch with barbell with 95 #: 4 sets of 10 per side.
Reverse Hyper: 500 # X 2 sets of 15
Stretched my hamstrings and used the stick on them and my hip flexers. The only downside to deficit pulls (other than they are hard and suck) is they make my hip flexers a little angry (but then again it may just be the emphasis on overextending the lockout that cranks them up).

I should write my logs after a few Rum and cokes more often....I remember more and ramble even even more.

* and yes I know I mis spelled speed pulls, but they were not particularly fast so they are only deserving of being called sped pulls.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Day of somewhat acceptable suit squats...

Suit squat opener and 1 reverse band was the plan.
Bar X 8
145 X 8
255 X 5
335 X 3, X 1
455 X 1
Briefs on from here out
655 X 1
Suit on from here out
855 X 1
1005 X 1 with knee wraps. It didn't feel terrible, but my form was off. I rode the bar a little high, SO I sat straight down and got a little bound up by the suit in the bottom so i cut it about an inch or so high.
1085 with gray reverse band X 1 with knee wraps. This looked better, but felt worse than the 1005. I rode the bar lower so that felt better, but it felt like the bands were a little off so i felt like i was squatting a little crooked. I was a little closer to depth on this one, and it came up decent...but just felt off.
Super high good mornings:
345 X 3
435 X 2
525 X 2, and exit stage left. My back was fried, and 5 plates felt absolutely terrible, so I just called the heavy stuff done.
Hanging leg raise: 4 sets of 10

It was not the best night by any means, but it was not terrible. I learned a few things and didn't get smashed so I will move forward from here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Saturday and Monday

Speed deads sumo off of 4" if mats: Mostly Sucked and pretty slow, but it is a work in progress.
5-6 sets of 3 with 405 working on speed and hip pop. Some were good, but most were slow and unsynchronized....
Stiff Leg Deads off of 3 mats: 315,405,455 all for 5 reps
Sit ups on slight decline bench: 70 # X 3 sets of 8
Standing band crunch: 3 sets of 12
Oblique side crunch: 3 sets of 10 with 85 #

Kinda felt like a wasted day honestly. It didn't feel that productive, but I guess you are going to have some o those every once in a while.

Monday Bench opener to 1 board
145 X 2 sets of 10
235 X 2 sets of 5
325 X 1
425 X 1 off 4 board
Shirt on for the rest of the night
645 X 1 off 4 board
735 X 1 off 3 board
775 X 1 off 2 board (fairly ugly, I got out of position and dumped it a little, but still got it).
775 X 1 off 1 board (I don't think i quite touched the board, but got much closer than last week and locked out well.
915 X Smashed Gray reverse band. I got close to the board, but my biceps got a little pinched and i dumped it on the board because it was damn heavy.
Floor Press close grip (pinkie on ring):
225 X 5
315 X 5
365 X 5
405 X 5 I think I only got a triple out of this last week, so I am pretty happy with this.
DB Side Raise: 3 sets of 8 with 65 #.

It was a better bench night than last week, so i will take it. I may have to wet the shirt down to get something to touch, or just open up heavy....yet to be decided.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wednesday squat opener week 2

Squats with straight bar:
Bar X 8
155 X 5
255 X 2 sets of 4
345 X 3
345 X 1
455 X 1
655 X 1 briefs on
855 X 1 Suit on
1005 X 1 added knee wraps I didn't take an up call on this one and cut it a little high, but had good speed.
1005 X 1 with knee wraps. I had Mike call me up, so i know this one was in the hole.
Sumo Rack Pulls with the bar right below the knee:
225 X 2
315 X 2
405 X 2
495 X 2
585 X 2
675 X 2
765 X 2 (added straps on for this last set)
Standing ab Crunch with Long ab strap: 5 sets of 10

Thursday lame upper body accessory day:
Speed bench with doubled up monster mini band and 155 bar weight: 8 sets of 2
KB Double overhead press: 16,20,24,28 X 10 or all sets.
Bent over rear delt raise with KB's: 4 sets of 10 with 12 Kg bells.
Did a little bit of band stretching for my pecs and biceps, but that was it.

Stef and I went to the world's strongest man in Wingate NC Thursday. It was a surreal experience. I met a lot of great people and stood in the shadow of giants like Brian shaw and Thor. Even the retired world's strongest men like Kaz and phister look jacked. It was a great experience that gives perspective. It is always good for your training to be around people that make you feel Weak and Tiny!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Saturday and Monday

Saturday we did good mornings with our Cambered Sam Hell Bully bar. I set our suspension straps a little lower than we normally do to make it suck did.
We did doubles until it got hard and ended with a single
165 X 5
255 X 5
345 X 2
435 X 2
525 X 2
615 X 2 (I think they were lying, but Spud and Pat said it looked fast). My guess is they wanted to see how gullible I was and If i would go 7....
665 X 1 nasty, ugly, hard fought rep. I think it actually stopped in the middle, but I wasn't giving up on it! Spud tried to get me to go 7, but I passed on that trap.
close stance ass to grass squats on the body masters squat machine: 3,4,5,6 plates a side X 8 reps. Say what you want about a squat machine, but I think doing dumb stuff like this helps put a little muscle on my legs.
Weighted sit ups: 3 sets of 8 with 60 lbs
Benbliques: 80,90,100 # db X 12 each side.

Monday was shirt opener to a 1 board....or if you are me it was shirt opener to a 1+ airboard.
warm ups as usual.....and then I put my shirt on
645 X 1 off a 3 board (I dont even thing I touched the board)
735 X 1 off a 2 board (once again...not even sure if it touched the board)
765 X 1 off 1 (plus 1 air board). Shirt was a little tight, and it wouldn't quite touch.
Added a loose gray reverse band for 1 set to a 2 board.....
865 X 1 off a 2 (plus air 1/2 board). It didn't touch a 2 board, but it got locked all was not lost.
Floor Press: 225 X 8, 315 X 8, 365 X 5, 405 X 3 (I didn't want to do anything, but at least I got a little more work in.
External rotator work: 2 sets of 15 each side with 10 lb plate.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Night of Squat openers

245 X 5
335 X 3
455 X 1
Briefs on from here on out
655 X 1
745 X 1
835 X 1 with Suit Bottoms on
945 X 1 straps up with knee wraps on. This is a little under my opener, but felt good for the first time in suits in a while. Next week will be a little heavier and we get to do a reverse band set.

Speed Deads: worked sumo off of 3" of mats
5 sets of 2 with 365 # in barweight with 4 chains total. Not as heavy as i had hoped, but my back wasn't feeling it (more accurately it was...)
Hanging high Leg raise: 4 sets of 5.

No Training Thursday. Pretty tired and had shit to rest/work time it is.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not much going on...till tonight.

Thursday I deloaded because I had a lot of work to do and didn't really feel like doing anything any ways.
Saturday....I deloaded on Purpose. I didn't do a damn thing except run the mono and some half hearted stretching.
Monday....More of the same I think I did 3 sets of 20 on DB press and that was it....then helped the rest of the guys out in their shirt work.

Wednesday Now some real work done. It was our first night of squat openers.
245 X 5
335 X 4
455 X 1
Briefs on from here... 655 X 1
745 X 1
Suit Bottoms 835 X 1
Straps up 945 X 1 with knee wraps. The good thing is that all my sets before this sucked and felt off, but this one actually felt good and went pretty fast. Not quite there on dept but around Spud hight as we call it (about 1-2" high) in training. Fine for me still 8 weeks out.
Speed Deads off of 3" of mats: 365 and 4 chains X 5 sets of 2. Mostly felt like crap as my back is still hurting for some reason...but they were decent.
Hanging High Leg raise: 4 sets of 5 with my eet going above the bar like Charles wishes he could do.
Done...stretched a little, but not enough.

The good news tomorrow is we get to unload 40,000 of Kettlebells. Hopefully it won't suck as bad as it sounds.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Monday Top end Shirt work and Wednesday deload

This was our second week of reverse bands with chains so I wanted to do something a little stupid heavy for a single. I worked up to 865 in bar weight with 2 chains on per side. This was heavier in my hands than I really wanted to think about holding. The first try at it was unsuccessful. I didn't get the handoff right and was leaning and wobbling the whole time. I came back and hit it pretty well on the second try. It was a slow grinder, but it is all good....probably 850+ up top at least.
Flat DB Press: 4 sets of 8 with 120's
KB one arm overhead press:
20,24,28,32,40 Kg all for 8 reps per arm.
Monster Mini Band Pull Aparts: 4 sets of 20
External Rotator work: 2 sets of 15 per side.

Wednesday we had a planned deload day for the squat. With Mike's meet coming up this weekend we figured we might as well still do our speed pulls since there was not likely to be much training Saturday.
Sumo Pulls off of 2 mats with 405: 6 sets of 2. These all felt pretty heavy and slow.
Ab wheel: 4-5 sets of 8
arm Bars: 2 sets of 30 second holds per side
Stretched my hips and hip flexors that were angry.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm Slack'en catchup log.

Thursday upper aux and extra workout:
cambered bar close grip press out of mono while laying on a box (longest exercise name in the world): 255 bar weight and 1,2,3,4,5,5,5 chains all X 5 or 6 reps. Rob...i you are not doing these you are missing out!!
incline bench: 225 X 3 sets of 8 and 1 set of 12.
band pushdowns with gray band: 2 sets of 15.

Extra workout or my tiny hamstrings and lower back:
Glute hams with body weight: I got a whopping 6 reps in and my hamstring locked up... waited stretched and managed one more set of 12 reps.
Gray band pullthrough/good morning (choke band off on soething immovable, straddle band, place band over large head....walk out 2-3 steps and do a wide stance good morning). 4 sets of 12. These were particularly funny as Ben had never done these and had us in the floor laughing as he attempted to do these with the band pulling him around and smashing his junk....should have video'd.

That was it for that workout. I wanted to do more for upper but my biceps were absolutely smashed from mondays bench workout and gave me no relief.

Saturday Rack Pulls right below the Knee Sumo:
worked up a plate at a time for doubles to 765 X 2, 855 X 2 misses (broke it off the pins 3-4 inches and then it was done moving), 815 X 2 almost locked out but lost balance at the top. I know I suck.
KB Sit ups on floor: 20kg X 8, 24 Kg X 8, 28 Kg X 8
Glute ham raise with orange band: 2 sets of 6 or 8.
Gray band standing crunch: 3 sets of 15
revrse hyper: 6oo# X 2 sets of 15

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, Extra, and Wednesday squats

Monday: Reverse Band bench with chains. We set up blue bands that gave almost no help at lockout.
705 in bar weight and 3 chains per side X 1 slow single off a 2 board. I took it down too slow and eased it off the board= slow.
705 barweight and 3 chains X 2 off a 2 board. Much better than set before.
overhead press with barbell:
135 X 10
185 X 10
225 X 2 sets of 10
external rotator work: 4 sets of 15 with a whopping 8 lb DB

Extra work Tuesday:
wide grip lat pulldowns: 6 sets of 10
DB Row: 105 X 4 sets of 10
Rear Delt Raise: 3 sets of 15 with 30 # DB

Wednesday Squats
worked up to 415 in bar weight with 3 blues and a gray band X 1 off parallel box.
suit bottoms on for 465 X 1
505 X 1 off slightly above parallel box. Quite possibly one of the slowest ugliest squats I have ever done. I double pumped onc or twice, stopped twice, but finally stood up.
Speed Deads with monster mini and 315: 4-5 sets of 2. 1 set of 2 with 365 just to piss Ben off.
Reverse Hypers: 2 sets of 15 with 5oo.

Done and Absolutely smashed.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Mornings

Saturday good mornings with Sam Hell cambered Bully Bar:
1,2,3,4,5,6 plates all for 3 reps
7 plates X 1 long slow rep. Not hit that much on the goodmorning before, so I am pretty happy with it.
Glute hams:
body weight X 8
Monster mini around Neck X 3 sets of 8
Green Band Standing Ab Crunch: 4 sets of 15
BenBlique DB side Crunch: 60, 75 90 100 # X 10 per side.
Reverse hyper: 2 sets of 15 with 500#

Not quite as torn up today as I expected, so guess I should have done more work.

-1 week down, 10 more to get stronger until meet time.

Squats and extra workouts

Tuesday extra workout: wide grip lat pulldown: 8 sets of 10
one arm row with bar in grappler: 1 pl X 10, 1.5 pl X 10, 2 plates X 2 sets of 10
Rear delt rais with chains: 3 sets of 15

Squats with buffalo bar. Used 3 blue bands per side and did singles.
worked up to 505 X 1 off a box slightly above parallel
505 X 1 off parallel box
595 X 1 off box slightly above parallel box (same one I took the first 505 with)

Speed Pulls with 315 and doubled up monster Mini Bands: 6 sets of 2.
Hanging high leg raise: 3 sets of 8
Reverse hypers: 2 sets of 15 with 600#

Thursday accessory upper and extra workout:
Set up the deadlift bar in the mono with chain mates all the way at the end of the bar with chains suspended from them.
135 and 3 chains X 6
135 and 4 chains X 6
135 and 5 chains X 2 sets of 6. This was kind of a trial exercise really. Elbows and biceps were a little sore so i figured I would try to make it hard instead of heavy. It worked.
Incline Bench: 4 sets of 8 with 225
I can't remember what else I did for obviously wasn't that hard or memorable.
Extra workout: glute ham raise: 2 sets of 15
Band goodmornings (band choked on something immovable, straddle the band, and band goes around your neck...and walk out to make it hard): 3 sets of 15.
Reverse hypers: 2 sets of 20

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Start of new cycle

Monday was the start of our 11 week cycle. We are starting with a lot of top end work on bench and squat.
Bench with squat bar and doubled up blue band (slightly different set up than usual but it worked).
145 X 5
235 X 3
325 X 1 3 board
415 X miss (got out of the groove, plus it was damn heavy)
put the 56 phenom on from here on out
465 X 1
555 X 1
645 X 1 Probably the cleanest of the night
735 X 1 Slower, but locked out well

Double snatch press with KB's"
16,20,24,28 all for sets of 8 reps
DB Side Raise: 60,70,80 lbs X 10
External rotator work with band: 2 sets of 15 each arm
Arm Bars: 2 sets of 30-45 sec hold each arm.

Good Start to the cycle. Put something in my hands that was heavy and it didn't smash me!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The rest....

Upper accessory: Can't remember everything now...
SOB Press: 1,2,3,4 plates X 8. 5 plates X 6
Side DB Raise: 40,50,60 lbs X 8-10
one arm gray band pushdown: 4 sets of 15

extra workout: It was supposed to be easy, but it hit my hams and back pretty hard.
Glute Hams X 2 sets of 15
Banded 45* Back Ext: 2 sets of 8-10 with gray band
Reverse Hyper: 2 sets of 20 with 400 #.

Saturday: rack pulls with bar just below knee. Used gray shortbands on the ends to make it suck more.
worked up to 7 plates for 3 Singles I think. Tried doubles, and some triples, but always got out of form and missed all but 1 rep.
Kettlebell Squats: 20,24,28,32 Kg's all for sets of 8 reps
Barbell Sit up/crunch: 4 sets of 8-10 with 145 #
Standing crunch with gray band: 2 sets of 15
Prowler: 1/3 lap with 2 plates per arm. Triple teamed it like a bunch of punks...

Monday Deload Day:
Incline DB Press: 4-5 sets of 12 reps with 90's
Floor Press: stayed at 225 for 5 sets going up in reps each set. 8,10,12,15,20 reps
One Arm KB Snatch: 12,16,20,24 Kg all for 1 set of 15 each arm.
lying DB Ext (kinda like rolling triceps ext without the roll): 30,35,40 # all for 1 set of 12.
External Rotator band work: 4 sets of 15 each arm

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chain Squats and speed pulls

Box squats with chains off a box:
worked up to 595 bar weight and 10 chains X 1
bar weight 635 X 1 with chains
bar weight 685 X 1 with chains

Speed deads with monster mini's"
315 X 6-7 sets of 2. the first 2-3 sets felt decent, but after that everything got tired and tried to stop working right. Good thing I didn't listen and kept pulling after I should have stopped.

Reverse hypers: 2 sets of 15

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Recent happenings

Short and sweet on the old stuff. Mainly because I can't remember everything now.
Squat with buff bar: 6 plates and 10 chains for a double off parallel box.
Speed deads with 275 and monster mini bands quaded up: 7-8 sets of 2

No training on Saturday as Charles and I went to Spartanburg to have a Nutrition Warehouse booth at a local bodybuilding show. The show was slim pick'ens and we had a blow out on the way home.

Back to real training on Monday:
Bench in shirt:
645 X 1 off 4 board
735 X 1 off 3 board
800 X 1 off 3 board
825 X 1 off 2 board. It wasen't the cleanest down, but it got up and locked out pretty well, so I am not complaining.
Floor Press:
225 X 8
315 x 5
315 x 8
315 x 10
365 x 5
Shoulder Press:
225 X 3 sets of 8
External rotator work: 4 sets of 15 each side with a band

Extra work out:
Lat Pulldowns: 6 sets of 10 with 200 #
DB Row: 80, 85,90,95 # all X 10
Bent over rear delt DB Raise: 3 sets of 15 with 20 # DBs

We are adding in 2 extra workouts a week. They will consist of (2) 20 minute workouts to help our deadlift. Focus will be mainly on Back and Hamstrings. We shall see how they go...

Monday, August 1, 2011


Bench: I will save you from the warm ups.
495 X 3 sets of 2 off a 2 board (without my bench jacket) haha
Put our Spud inc version slingshot on for some super wide benches
405 X 3
455 X 3
495 X 3
545 X 2 Thought I had a triple in me, but not to be

Kettlebell Double snatch press:
20,24,28,32 all for sets of 8
plate ext with 45 # plate: 5 sets of 20
External rotator work: 3 sets of 15 with band

Seems like so much more when I do it instead of typing it....

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Early Saturday

Time to ramp up training a bit so we are going to start training an hour earlier on Saturdays. This will give us more time to get stuff we have neglected done like it or not!

Rack pulls sumo with the bar right at knee level we used a gray shortband with the weight.
1,2,3,4,5 plates all for 3's without straps
585 X 3 straps on
635 X 3 straps
635 X 1 straps. My form was terrible on this, so I stopped at one and gave it another run
635 X 3 straps (probably best set of the day and almost called it there until spud gave me the eye..
675 X 2 straps. Not fast by any means, but it was 2 clean lockouts so I will take it.

Standing gray band crunch: 5 sets of 15

glute ham raise with the back elevated about a foot. This was a first for me and wasn't sure I would do them as I suck at regular glute hams....but it is time to do what I don't want to do.
3 sets of 8, and 1 set of 6 with bodyweight.

Wheelbarrow: we were going to triple team it, so we loaded up 400 # and predetermined we were doing 2 laps. The first lap was not too bad and we finished in good time. The second lap we pulled the wheelbarrow instead of pushing (a little harder). About half way around we ran out of chalk..... All that was left was our sweaty pasty wet chalk hands, and it got hard after that. Got through it and are better off for it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sumation of last few days of training.

Deads on Friday:
Conv worked up to 675 X 1 good
700 X 1 not quite good enough (apparently it doesn't count if you have to ask if it is locked out)
700 X even worse miss at the top
Went to sumo...
missed 725 3 times at the top. Fast off the floor then sputters to a slow grinding halt 3 inches before lockout.

Monday We Benched...the short highlight version
495 X 1 off 2 board raw
455 X 3 super wide with slingshot
495 X 3 super wide with slingshot and 1 soft board
snatch press, triceps ext with chains, rear delt db raise...arm bars.....done

Squat with sam hell bully bar (russians) in briefs
515 X 5
605 X 3
705 X 3
795 X 3
605 X 5
Speed deads against bands (monster mini quaded up)
225 with bands X 8 sets of 2
ab wheel X 3 sets of 8
reverse hyper: 6oo X 3 sets of 15


Good job to Charles and Travis at their meet this week end. Each one had a PR day and both left a little on the table. Congrats, now back to work!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

2nd week of suit squats before cycle

I had my suit legs let out about an inch or so to give me a little room, and it worked out for the best I think.
Reverse hypers: 1 set of 15 to help get loose.
145 X 8
245 X 2 sets of 5
335 X 1
545 X 1 briefs on
705 X 1
835 X 1 suit bottoms on
905 X 1 straps up
1005 X miss in bottom (hips shot forward at the last second)
1005 X 1 I knew I cut it high, but I wasn't getting buried with a grand twice in one night. Probably 3 maybe 4 inches high....The Internet judges won't see this one.

Leg Press dead stopped off pins: 4 sets of 8
hanging leg raise: 4 sets of 12
reverse hypers: 2 sets of 12

It was not a monumental night by any means, but I think it went decent for the first time having a grand on my back since April. I figured a few things out, so I will take it.

Good luck to the young'ens doing their meet this week-end. I will be there to drink beer, wrap knees, and hand off, or is it wrap, hand off then drink beer....?

Monday, July 18, 2011


Conventional Deads with chains: Bar weight was 405
2 Chains X 2
3 chins X 2
5 chains X 2
6 chains 2
7 chains X 2
Sumo Pulls with chains: Bar weight was 405
3 chains X 2
5 chains X 2
7 chains X 2
9 chains X 2 Sumo Dead form is coming back pretty well the more I do it, so I am fairly happy with that.
Glute Ham Raise: body weight X 3 sets of 8
Green band standing ab crunch: 4 sets of 15

Shirt Bench with chains: worked up to a bar weight of 725 and added chains
1 chain X 1
2 chain X 1
3 chain X almost 1. Got it close to lock out, but not quite there.

DB Floor Press:
120 X 8
150 X 7, 6, 5-6 (can't remember 3rd set)
KB Double snatch:
24's X 6
28's X 6
32's X 6
40 X 6
40 X 5
Neutral grip DB close grip press:
60, 70, 80 all X 8 reps
90 X 5 reps
Band Triceps ext: 3 sets of 15
External rotator Band work: 2 sets of 15 each arm

Much better outcome than last weeks workout so I will take it. Just got to keep on getting stronger for the upcoming training cycle now.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Suit squats

We decided to do a few weeks of suit squats to kinda tune up before we start our next training cycle. I also wanted to see if I could actually fit into mine still....
145 X 2 sets of 5
255 X 3
335 X 1
545 X 1 briefs on
705 X 1
835 X 1 suit bottoms on. Probably 4-5" high
925 X 1 suit bottoms on. just a little lower than last one 3-4" high
1015 (reverse band) X 1 straps up. deepest of the night and still 2-3" high.

Romanian Deads:
225 X 3
315 X 3
405 X 3
495 X 3
585 X 2

Reverse hypers: 3 sets of 12

So I am 10-15 lbs heavier than when i wore my suit last and it was tight as all get out. It wasn't terrible in the hips, but the legs were way tighter than I have ever had them. I think I am going to have them let out and inch or so on each leg and see what happens next week with it. All in all not a terrible night for the first time back in a suit.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday's Suck Bench and a long Rant

Monday was a long anticipated shirt night....went like this (short version)
size 58 phenom on (my bigger shirt)
645 X 1 off 4 board
685 X 1 off 3 board
735 and 1 chain X 2 misses off a 2 board. Both of these got about half way up (being generous) and stalled. Not quite how I had envisioned the night going. I was consistently out of position in the bottom and felt like I had nothing to push with.
Floor Press with DB's:
105 X 8
120 X 8
130 X 8
140 X 8
150 X 4.75
over head press with Spud. Inc multi function Bar:
88 lbs X 8
138 lbs X 2 sets of 8
188 lbs X 1 set of 5 and 1 set of 6 reps
Roling triceps ext:
60, 70, 80 all for 8 reps 90 lbs for 6 I think.
External rotator work: 4 sets of 15 each side.

Alright, so here goes....

I am fortunate enough to be able to bring my dog to the gym with me where I work, so she rides to and fro with me a lot. Tonight after leaving them gym I stopped by the store to run in and get some post workout carbs (cream twirls). I have the choice to leave the car running in a ghetto food lion parking lot where it will likely get stolen or turn the car off and leave the windows up (I have zero reliable working windows in my car). I have had the air on full blast since I left the gym so it is nice and cool, so i choose to turn the car off and leave Dita (my dog) in the car for the 5 min trip in the store. I come out and the F'n animal control guy has blocked me in and says he wants to have a word with me. I figure he was going to lecture me about leaving Dita in the car (thats cool, we all have a job to do...). He hands me a warning he has pre written out, and said that he could have broken my window out and impounded my dog for her own safety. This is when I almost loose my cool, because I look in the rear window and see Dita sitting there looking at us not panting, not whining, just waiting for this dude to stop lecturing me so we can go home. I tell him to look at her and tell me she is in real danger.... This is when the dude starts talking about the $1,100 fine he could be writing me.....I am getting madder and madder the more the douch bag talks so I thank him for his concern and tell him i understand and try to end our conversation politely. Well, this dude wont move his F'n truck so I can leave and then proceeds to ask me if she is registered with the county, because dogs are a taxable commodity and i need to fill out this paperwork and mail it in so I can pay to have a dog! I take my warning and my dog tax registration form and ask him if I can go home now. He finally relents and he "allows" me to leave. I have the greatest respect for law enforcement and especially people that work with helping animals, but come on dude. Really...

Wednesday and Saturdays work

Wednesday Most everyone deloaded. I did a little work with Spud on the Rev hyper, leg press, and GH machine. A little ab work and benbliques.....stretched and that was it for me.

Saturday sort of speed day. Pulled against a quaded up monster mini band on the JS platform. All Sets done Conv.
225 X 2 sets of 2
275 X 5,6 maybe 7 sets of 2. Not a great day, this speed work felt heavy.
Stiff leg deads on 3-4" box:
225 X 5
315 X 5
405 X 5
495 X 5
That was it for me.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Deads and July 4th training

Reverse Band Deads with green bands making the bar weightless at lockout.
worked up to 715 for 3 singles conventional. All were hard fought finishes at the top.
Went to Sumo for a few singles
535 X 1,
625 X 1
715 X 1
765 X half way up and had that "feeling" and made the decision to abort. Could have finished it, but would have had to change clothes.
close stance squats on squat machine:
2,3,4,5,6,7 plates X 8 reps (these are a nice way to finish off the legs after pulling) Hope these will help my quad strength out and help my conventional pull a little.

That was about all I had time for

Monday Benching
worked up to 415 in bar weight and 2.5 chains for 3 sets of 2 off a 2 board. All of these sucked and felt slow.
Close grip press with the slingshot on:
415 X 2 sets of 5 and 1 set of 6
Flat DB Press:
75,85,95,105 all for 8 reps
External rotator work: 4 sets of 15.

Felt like Crap most of the workout, but got a decent workout in. Now for the grilling! I am up to around a consistent 310 now, so we will see how much more my equipment will handle....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Cambered bar box squats with chains: worked up to 605 in bar weight and added chains...
1 Chain X 1
3 Chains X 1
5 Chains X 1
7 chains X 1 (not a great pick up and it kinda sucked)
9 chains X 1 (best of the night)

Was going to do another set but the shoulder was talking to me a little (rode the bar pretty low on the last set), so that was that.

Good Mornings with the safety squat bar. I absolutely hate these, so I figured I need to do more of them. they were decently low (lower than we ever do them)
1 plate X 5
2 plates X 3
3 plates X 3
4 plates X 3
4.5 plates X 3 It was ugly and it sucked, so it should help my pull....
Reverse hypers: 3 sets of 15
Hanging leg raise: 4 sets of 10

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pullen and deload Bench

deads off of 5" of mats
warmed up and this is the rest...
405 X 4 sets of 3 ( had to get the lite stuff in so I can call this speed day)
495 X 2 sets of 2
545 2 sets of 2 (I think it was 2, hell it could have been singles)
585 X 1
645 1 miss, and 1 ugly rep (with straps)
Sumo Deads just to keep it feeling familiar:
405 X 3
495 X 3
585 X 3

Pin presses on the leg press: 3 sets of 8-10

Monday Delaod Bench
Floor Press with long E-Z Curl Bar: 4 sets of 5 with 3 plates, and 1 set of 7 reps
Illegal Wide grip bench with slingshot: 405 X 2 set of 5, and 1 set of 8
Double KB Snatch: 20,24,28,32,32,32 X 8 reps
neutral grip db triceps press (dumbbells stay together the whole time): 50, 60, 70 X 8, 80 X 6
Rear delt raise with KB: 16, 20, 24 kg all X 10 reps
Rotator cuff work 2 sets externals.

Got yelled at by the massage therapist for not doing enough posterior and or external rotator work, so I am gonna beef that up to help fix some muscle imbalances hopefully.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday and Wednesday

I deloaded Saturday, and got back to it Monday for bench.

worked up to 455 off 3 board for 1 then added shirt

595 X 1 off 3 board
735 X 1 miss over my face (jacked the shirt up more than usual and couldn't touch a 3 board)
735 X 1 (3 board)
775 X 1 off 3 board
825 X miss off 3 board. Just missed this one at the top. Didn't have good speed off the board, and my form was off, so no surprise there....

100# plate triceps extension: 4-5 sets of 12
one arm overhead press: 50,60,70,80 all 8 reps per arm.
rear delt ext machine: 4 sets of 8-10

I have yet to wear my shirt really jacked up/pulled down, so I am going to try each time to try to get used to wearing it lower to get the feel for it.

Wednesday squats. Kinda wanted to back off the heavy weight for a week, so we made it hard instead. We did Raw cambered bar box squats with weight suspended with stump straps.
worked up to 335 in bar weight and 2 plates hanging on stump straps per side for triples. 3-4 sets gradually working the box lower and lower. Last box was somewhere right around or slightly past parallel.

Rack Pulls above the knee:
245, 445, 645, 735, 735 all X 3 reps. tried 825 for a single and it beat me up and took my lunch money. I broke it off the pins, and got half way up when my hamstrings started vibrating (telling me to put it down, and for once I listened).
Double KB high swings: 24 Kg, 28 Kg, 32 kg, 32 Kg, 32Kg all X 10 reps.
Ab wheel: 3 sets of 10. Have not done these in a while and I will regret it in the morning.

-Keep getting after it

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monday and Wednesday Beatings:
bench off 2 foam boards: 465 X 2 sets of 3
465 X 3 off 2 board
put slingshot on for rest of the sets:
415 X 3,
465 X 2-3 (can't remember)
505 X 1 and a miss on the second

Cambered bar press with sam hell bully bar and 1 blue bands on bar.
155 X 5
245 X 4
335 X 3 sets of 2. These sucked! First felt good then second one came out of no where and whopped my ass!
295 X 4-5 (can't remember) selective amnesia I say.....

100 Lb Plate raise: 5 sets of 8-12
KB snatch (1 arm)
24 X 15
28 X 15
32 X 15
40 X 8.

Done with that workout. Not the best numbers wise, but it kicked my butt.

Squats on Wednesday with our new Sam Hell Bully cambered bar. I liked the bar a lot (much better than the straight bar we had been using). We ended up putting two blue bands over the plates.
245 X 2
335 X 2
425 X 2
515 X 2 sets of 2. Contemplated a third, but knew I had good mornings to do....

Good mornings with safety squat bar:
1,2,3,4,5 plates for 3 reps each set. I know I have not ever used 4-5 plates with the safety bar for good mornings ever. You know what that means.....I am a sand bagger, or used to be.

Hanging leg raises: 4 sets of 10

Stretched a little after the workout. My knee is bugging me a little, so I may take Saturday off to let it rest up for the bench on Monday.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pull'en on Saturday

Deficit pulls on about 5 inches of Mats Conventional
225 X 2 sets of 5
315 X 2 sets of 3
405 X 2 sets of 3
495 X 3 sets of 3
545 X 2 sets of 2
585 X 1
Switched to sumo to get some more work in
315 X 3
405 X 3
495 X 3
585 X 3

Squats on body masters squat machine:
3,5,6,7,8 plates X 8 reps
1 lap prowler 1 plate per arm.

-So much for speed work Saturdays....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

extra work

Flat DB Press (added these in instead of speed work to try and add a little more muscle on)
30 X 15
50 X 15
60 X 12
80 X 10
90 X 10
100 X 10
110 X 10

Triceps ext lying on bench with 100 lb plate: 3 sets of 12

Overhead plate press: 3 sets of 20
DB Biceps curls and hammer curls superset: 25's X 8 each, 35 X 8 each
This seems to help my biceps tendinitis a little sometimes, so i figured why not.

Straight bar squats = Biceps pain!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Box Squatting

Even though John Ripped his shoulder off Monday he still managed to squat tonight, so we used the straight bar again.
145 X 2 sets of 8
235 X 2 sets of 8
325 X 2 sets of 5
415 X 2
505 X 1
595 X 1 (added briefs from here on out)
685 X 1
775 X 1
825 X 1 (fairly Ugly)
865 X 1 Added loose knee wraps.

Rack Pulls at the knee:
225 X 3
405 X 3
495 X 3
585 X 2
675 X 2 (ugly, but they got up). added straps on this set

Wheelbarrow: 300+ lbs triple teamed for 2 laps. Good work tonight.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bench and stuff

135 X 3 sets of 10
225 X 2 sets of 5
315 X 2 sets of 2
365 X 2 sets of 3 with 2 foam boards
405 X 1 set of 3 and 1 set of 5 off 2 foam boards
455 X 3 off 2 foam boards
put the slingshot on for some extra wide grip press
405 X 5
455 X 2
495 X 2
Close grip press with cambered bar out of the mono
155 and 2 blue bands over bar X 5
205 and 2 blue bands over bar X 3
265 and 2 blue bands X 2 sets of 3 and 1 set of 2

Push press squat machine:
1,2,3,4 plates per side all X 8
5 plates X 6 reps (none were locked out and all looked like crap)
3 plates X 15

Decent workout tonight. Slow start, but ended up pretty well.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

band butt whoop'en

We pulled against the short gray bands today:

405 for 2 sets of 2
405 X 2 sets of 1 (missed the second on both of these sets) All conventional up to this point
315 X 3 Sumo (first time pulling sumo since the meet)
365 X 2 sets of 3 sumo

This was one of those days..... nothing felt good, and most everything was ugly today. Sticking with the conventional style to try and get everything stronger. I will start mixing in the sumo again to keep my form good. My hip had a little something going on with it so I called it there.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A little extra work

I didn't really want to train, bit I did a little anyways....

Incline DB Press: 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 all for 1 set of 12 reps. It ended about where I figured it would. I seldom do any more than 5 reps, so the 12 reps gave me a great pump ( I think I may be the only person in the world that does not like the is just uncomfortable and a pain in the ass to me.
Decline Bench: 3 sets of 10 with 275 lbs.
45 Lb Plate ext: 5 sets of 20. Normally do this with the 100, but just didn't want to bother with it tonight....(punked out).
one arm KB overhead press: 12,16,20,24 Kg all for 1 set of 10 reps per arm.
Rear Delt / upper back exercise: 4-5 sets of 10 heavy

The End. Now it is time to rest up for Saturdays fun time.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back Logged...

Saturday was the Palmetto cup Bodybuilding show and we had a booth so no training.

Sunday I talked Ben into pulling sled so I did one suck lap with 300+ lbs.

Monday we benched early on Memorial day.
145 X 3 sets of 8
235 X 2 sets of 6
325 X 2 singles
415 X 2 sets of 2 off 2 board
465 X 2 off 2 board
505 X 2 off 2 board
595 X 2 off 3 (air board)....Couldn't actually touch a 3 board.
685 X 2 off 3 board
735 X 3 off 3 board This set felt the best of the day. It takes a while to get the shirt seated and in the groove. Hope to take 8 for a double off a 3 or 2 board before long.

Floor Press: 315 X 5, 365 X 3 sets of 5
Flatt DB Press: 105 X 5, 120 X 5, 140 X 3 (sucked, but heaviest I have been up to in DB's in a while.

One arm KB Snatch: 24, 28, 32,40,48 Kg all X 5 reps per arm.

Done. Ran out of time, but still got good work in.

Squat night- we used straight bar with chains on a box. Worked up to 7 plates and added chains.
2 chains X 1
4 chains X 1
6 chains X 2 (rack was too high, form was off, and it sucked. It got up tough....
Zercher box squats with the stump straps:
235 X 3
325 X 3
375 X 3
415 X 2
505 X 1

Reverse hyper: 3 sets of 15 with 400

2 laps with 2 plates, and a little stretching and stick rolling after the workout.

-Do what you don't want to!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Squat night

Straight bar with chains off a box with a bar weight of 595:
1 chain X 2
3 chains X 1
5 chains X 1
7 chains X 1
8 Chains X 2 Probably the best set. Not sure what is on the menu for next week but I may try 7 plates and chains....

Zercher squats off a box (modified with a stump strap to take some pressure off the biceps)
145 X 5
235 X 5
325 X 5
375 X 5
415 X 5
465 X 4 I wanted 5 here, but not tonight

Hanging high leg raises: 4 sets of 6

Prowler push: kinda punked out a little because we triple teamed the prowler with 2 plates on each side for a lap.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bench Night

Floor Press:
365 X 4 sets of 3
405 X 1 set of 3

DB Incline press:
85 X 8
105 X 8
120 X 8
130 X 5 (hardest part of these is getting them up and situated)

KB Double Snatch:
20,24,28,32 Kg all for sets of 8 Fairly fast paced so I could call it cardio/gpp

Cambered bar close grip press out of the monolift: We put bumper plates on and put a blue band over them.
1 plate X 3
1 plate and another blue band on the bar sleeve X 1 (that is some heavy band tension)
1.5 plates X 3 (cant remember)
1 Plate X 5

Rear Delt raise: 45 X 8, 60 X 8, 70 X 8

Band pushdown with monster mini in both hands:
4 sets of 20

Decent workout tonight....Got a good bit of work in.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Deficit Deads

We did deads off of a 4 or 5" box with some chains.
405 X 2 sets of 3
405 and 1 chain X 2
405 and 2 chains X 2
405 and 4 chains X 2
405 and 6 chains X 2 (2-3 sets...can't remember)
455 and 6 chains X 2
495 ans 6 chains X 2 (these were not fast, but I think it helped me figure out how to lock out a conventional grinder, so I will take it. I tend to lift slow anyways, so it is all good.

Stiff leg deads off same height box: 3 sets of 5 with 405

Close stance squats on the squat machine:
2,3,4,5,6 plates all for 8 reps. Decent quad work, and easier on my knees than KB squats.

I did one lap with 200 lbs on the sled start and stop. I was planning on doing the prowler, but decided to sled instead.....cop out at it's best.

-Keep stringing good workouts together one day at a time.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back Squatting again

Did some squats in briefs tonight off a box.
Worked up to 685 for 3 sets of 2 (took each set just a bit lower on the box)

Good Mornings (Spud called them too high, but I say the higher the better. haha
245 X 3
335 X 2
425 X 2
515 X 3
605 X 3
655 X 3

Wheelbarrow walk: 500-600 for three trips.

Absolutely smashed! Good night


We benched with the squat bar on Monday. I used a 2 board for all raw work over 235 below.
145 X 3 sets of 8
235 X 3 sets of 6
325 X 2
375 X 2
415 X 2 sets of 2
465 X 2 sets of 2
Put loose phenom shirt on for a couple of sets so I could get some heavier weight in my hands again.
555 X 2 off 3 board
595 X 2 off 3 board

Close Grip Press (short lived)
325 X 3
375 or 415 X ? Cant remember this set....

Double KB Snatch: 16, 24, 28, 28 Kg all for sets of 8

Cambered bar close grip press out of mono lift on a box:
245 X 5
295 X 5
335 X 4.75. Missed at the very top.
I love doing these. Always makes me feel like a small child that cant control their limbs cause I'm shaking all over the place.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Light Pulling

I did some light deficit pulling today. Trying to take it a little easy as Wednesday is the first night back in briefs to squat.
Deads: Worked up to 405 X 3 then added a 1" mat every set until it was about 5-6" Tall
I can't remember how many sets I did...It was around 5-6 I think. I did go up to 455 for one set of 3, but felt slow, so I backed down to 405.

Front squat off a box with our new Spud, Inc. cambered bar...yes that is what I said. I is like a front squat and zercher combined with a box squat. What ever you call it, it is pretty tough, but kinda cool.
155 X 5
245 X 5
295 X 5
335 X 5
Hanging Ab Raises (feet all the way up over the bar): 3 sets of 6-8 reps

Now what can I do to make everyone mad at me Wednesday.........?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Last night Raw Dog Squatt'en

Buffalo Bar box squats with a blue band on bar:
235 X 2
325 X 2,
375 X 2
415 X 2
465 X 2
505 X 2

Deads off boxes (1-2" below the knees)
245 X 2
335 X 2
425 X 2
515 X 2
605 X 2 sets of 2. Some serious roundback deads here. They were both ugly, but got up.

Wheel Barrow: half lap with 5-6 45s stacked on the pole closest to the handles. Should have gone heavier, but will be sure too next week.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bench Night

We did Fat bar with chains off the 2 board tonight.
worked up to 335 in bar weight and added a chain per side per set
335 and 1 (3/4") chain X 3
335 and 2 chains X 3
335 3 chains X 3 (2 sets)
335 and 4 chains X 3

Close grip Press:
315 X 5
365 X 5 (sling shot added)
405 X 6 (sling shot)

Incline Barbell Press:
225 X 6
315 X 3 Got heavy in a only two sets

One Arm KB snatch: Hoping these will help a little with shoulder stability for the bench.
20, 24, 28, 32 Kg's all for sets of 8 per arm.

Neutral close grip db press with fat gripz:
45 X 8, 55 X 8, 65 X 8

High Volume for me....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday Deadlift Trio

Saturday was the last deadlit trio workout (conv, stiff, romanian). I had gone up 50 lbs each week for the first two weeks, and wanted to go up again this week, so I had to cheat a little. I did it backwards.
495 X 3 sets of 5
455 X 3 sets of 5
405 X 3 sets of 5

Kettlebell Squats: 3 sets of 8

Prowler Drudgery: 2 plates on each arm for half a lap (1/6th Mile). First time doing this for a long time. I think this pain will be more frequently visited now.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Smash Day

Raw dog suck Russian Squat day.
415 X 5
465 X 3
505 x 3
555 X 3 not the easiest set, but the most I have done raw in a while
465 X 5

suspended good mornings:
225 X 3
315 x 3
405 X 3
495 x 3
545 X 3 These felt slow from the inside out, but on tape it looked pretty good.

Spud, Inc. Wheelbarrow march: loaded up the close post with 45's and did 1/3 mile. Got to do something different to get where i want to go, so GPP is calling my name. Easing back into it since I am in terrible shape right now.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Saturday and Monday

Saturday I continued to torture myself. This was my second week of what i call "The Trio", which consists of 3 rounds of 5 reps each with conventional, stiff, and Romanian deadlifts. Each round is with an ascending weight.
365 X 3 set of 5 (1 each exercise)
405 X 3 sets of 5 (1 each exercise)
455 x 3 sets of 5 (1 each exercise)

Close stance KB squats: a pair of 16's, 24's, 28's all for sets of 8.

That was enough pain for one day. 45 good DL reps is enough for me. I was hoping to get one more week where I could go up in weight, but I think I may have to cheat next week and get my heavy sets out of the way and go down. We will see how i feel after my RAW squat day on Wednesday...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting back to it

Monday I started back training again
Floor Press with the fat bar: 2 plates and 3 chains for 3-4 sets of 3
DB Incline Press: 65, 80,95,105 all X 8 reps
Close Neutral grip db press: 45, 65,65 X 8 reps
Machine press: 50 lbs X 3 sets of 7-8.
Band One Arm Pushdowns: 3 sets of 8 with green band

Squats: Buffalo bar box squat with chains
worked up to 465 and 5 chains X 2.
Rack Pulls right above the knee: worked up to 495 and using shortbands for 2 reps
Nothing too crazy, but it was a decent workout for the first one back at it.
Plan on doing a few weeks of raw work, then get back into the gear. Part of it is to get the raw strength up a little, but mostly, to give my body a little rest before getting back to heavy weight.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Goings on...

So I have sucked at updating my logs. Had a lot going on at work and in my personal life, So I shall give you a brief update on what i have been doing the past 3 months.

I trained for a while.....

It was a good training cycle.....

Had a meet......

It went pretty well....

915 Squat (missed 1005), 725 lb bench (missed 745), 705 dead for a 2345 total. All PR's.

I'll Go ahead and put it out there, (which I never do) but next meet goal is 2500. Got to put more work in than ever, but it is time to go forward and start achieving what I want. It will take performing up to my potential on all lifts (something I have yet to do), and I look forward to the challenge.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Benched with squat bar and purple bands doubled up: worked up to 325 X 1 off 2 board raw, then the shirt went on.
420 X 2 off 3 board
515 X 2 off 2 board
600 X 2 off 2 board
600 X 1 off 1 board
600 X 1 off 1 board (tried the second, but missed close to lockout) That is what the bands are for...It felt pretty heavy up top, and had to work to stabilize a lot.

Close grip floor press:
235 X 6
285 X 6
325 X 6
375 X 6

Overhead barbell press (seated): 135 X 4 sets of 12-15
Side DB Raise: 45 X 8, 55 X 8, 70 X 8
One Arm Band Pushdown: 3 sets of 12-15 each arm. We do these to humor Ben at the end of a workout sometimes because he thinks it makes his arms look bigger.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Deloading and pulls

We all deloaded for the first time in quite a while. One little pause to catch our breath before the real cycle starts for squats and deads. We started our bench cycle about two weeks ago.
We pulled off of a 3-4" box today. All Conventional on the box
495 X 5 sets of 3. Strangely these felt better than last weeks pulls of 495 with the weight on the box. I finally got the feel of getting my legs involved more instead of just using my back.
2 sets sumo: 405 X 3, 495 X 3. Just to keep in in the grove.
Leg press from a deadstop in the bottom: 4 sets of 8

Monday we will begin a different type of training cycle than we are use to. There will be no scheduled deloads. there will be no "back off" weeks. Spud says you have to force yourself to be uncomfortable to improve. . . Smashed to the point where your not up for the next workout, but you plow on anyways. I am Looking forward to see what we all are made of, as this cycle was made to achieve goals, not for mediocrity.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Bench Night

We did the same set up as last week with reverse bands and chains.
Warm ups were uneventful so here is the good stuff:
795 and 2 chains X 1 off 2 board
795 and 5 chains X 1 off 1 board (A whopping one chain higher than last week)
795 and 5 chains X 1 off no board (but not quite to the chest either) It was a mid air stop and press
885 and 5 chains X miss off the chest. Actually it was off air again. This time I just fought the weight too much and would not let it touch. And on top of that I missed at the top.
Did some close grip 4 board work: 3 sets of 5 heavy
barbell overhead press: 135 X 3 sets of 15
Side Raise: 25 lbs X 3 sets of 15

Done, and Feel High as a Kite. that is when you know your CNS is Kick'en!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Extra work and deads

Thursday I sort of trained, nothing very productive:
Speed bench: 1 plate and mini for 9 sets of 3
Incline DB Press: 60,70,75,85 all for sets of 12
1/2 dips: 5 rounds of 10
Pull-ups: managed one set of an ugly 3. I wouldn't ever really count this as an exercise. There was some crap pulling on my left shoulder so I just ended the night there.

Stretched and did s few sets on the rev hyper to get loose.
Speed Squats with Safety Squat Bar:
3 plates and 3 chains in briefs: 5 sets of 3
Deads (weights on 3-4" box): worked on Conv form (because it still sucks): I didn't count, but I must have done 6-8 sets of 3 at 495. I did go up to 545 for an ugly set of 3, but soon went back down to 495.
I did one set of 3 sumo just to keep it in the repertoire.
Glute Ham's: 4 sets of 8 (could be why my hamstring cramped at the dinner table at carraba's tonight....paralyzed for a good 5 minutes scared to move because my abs cramped too).
Reverse hypers: 2 sets of 15 with 500.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Cambered Bar box squats with 2 blues over the plates:
2 pl X 2
3 pl X 1
Briefs of from here on out
3.5 pl X 1
4.5 pl X 1
5 pl X 1 Knee wraps
5.5 pl X 1 Knee wraps

KB Swings: 3 sets of 8
Reverse Hyper: 2 sets of 15 light. I did a few sets to warm up too.
Spud, Inc. Long Ab strap crunches: 3 sets heavy

Another good night in the books.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Saturday and Mondays work

Saturday I was still smashed from the previous, but got a little in.
Speed squats out of chains with cambered bar and blue band over 2 plates: 5 sets of 3
Deads: lets just say it was ugly to watch and even worse to do. All weights were heavy and slow.
Stretched and foam rolled and was done.

Monday: reverse band Bench with chains using squat bar. I am guessing the bands took off ~200 - 250 lbs up top and ~300 - 350 in the bottom. I'm just guessing, who really knows....
bar weight was 705 and added 2 chains per side at a time
2 chains X 2 off 3 board
4 chains X 2 off 2 board
6 chains X 2 off 2 board
barweight went to 755 and 6 chains X 2 off 2 board
755 and 6 chains X 2 off 1 board
795 and 6 chains X 1 off 1 board. This was the one hard work set of the night. Good speed off the board and a slow grinding lockout (but it got locked).

Close Grip 4 board work (same band set up):
615 X 5
705 X 5
755 X 2

Incline Neutral grip db press with dumbells together: 45 X 3 sets of 15 just to finish the tri's off.

-Train to accomplish something.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Extra Upper

Speed Bench: Used the Fat bar and mini bands with 1 plate for 9 sets of 3. Light and fast.
Floor E-Z bar closegrip press: worked up to 3 plates for 2 sets of 5 and a set of 6
One arm DB overhead press: 60 X 6, 70 X 6, 80 X 6
One arm side raise (lots of body English on these): 60 X 8, 80 X 8, 100 X 5
Superset band tricep pushdowns with hammer curls (no rest) 3 rounds of 20 on the pushdowns and 8's on the curls. Light weight, just a blood pumper/recovery exercise.

What kinda fun for Deadlift day is in store....?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Benching and Squats

Bench with squat bar and chains: worked up to 555 and 4 chains X 2 off a 2 board, then 595 and 4 chains X 2 off a 2 board.
Close grip press with slingshot: 325 X 5, 375 X 5, 415 X 4
Rolling triceps ext: 45 X 10, 60 X 10, 70 X 10

That was it. First night Back in a shirt going heavy in a while, so it all felt heavy.

Squats: Buffalo Bar off a box
Worked up to 415 Raw, then put briefs of
505 X 2
595 X 2
685 X 2
825 X 2 sets of 2 (we put purple reverse bands on from her on out) The first set suck because my form was off, but the second set was better.
865 X 2. Best set of the night.

Rack Pulls right above the knee:
335 X 2
425 X 2
515 X 2
605 X 2
695 X 2
745 X 2 It was fairly ugly and a struggle, but I only got this for a single last time, so a double is progress. Foam rolled and stretched 15 minutes before bed (seems to help my relieve soreness and increase recovery time so far so I will keep doing it).

- Not bad for a deload night...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow and training

Monday we had the great blizzard of 2011 (a whopping 5" shut down Columbia for about 3 days)
No training on Monday as only a few of the crew came before we shut down and I had real work to do.

Wednesday we Squatted using the cambered bar and chains off a box.
585 in bar weight and added two 2 chains per set for 3 sets of 2
645 in bar weight and 6 chains X 2
675 in bar weight and 6 chains X 2

Leg press 4 sets of 10
Stiff Leg DBs for 2 sets of 12 light (pretty much just to stretch out)
Treadmill for 10 minutes on incline.
Strtched and foam rolled for 15 min.

No Training on Thursday as there was work to be done.

Saturday: speed squats out of chains (felt like past parallel) 415 X 2 sets of 3, 465 X 3 sets of 3
Deads with mini bands: 315 X 5 sets of 2 conv. The first two sets sucked because I was just yanking with no form. Last 3 sets were smoother and faster with better form.
Same band set up sumo style: 365 X 2 or 3 sets of 2 and 405 X 2 for the last.

All I had time for, but it was a decent day.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


We are trying to increase the amount of volume we can handle (and make our squat better) so we have started speed squatting before Pulling now.
Cambered bar dead stopped out of chains in the bottom: We did 5 sets starting at 3 plates and and 2 chains per side. I went up each set (either a chain or a little weight) and ended with 3.5 plates and 4-5 chains. I used an old pair of titan briefs.

Deads: all conv and mostly ugly.
225 X 5
315 X 3
405 X 3
455 X 3
495 X 3
545 X 3
585 X 2 (slow and fairly ugly)
One set of 3 sumo with 495
All I had time for.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aux day

I have not trained on A Thursday in forever, but Thursdays are back in.
speed bench: 195 in bar weight and 2 chains per side: 8-9 sets of 3 with varied grip.
Seated overhead barbell press: 135 X 8, 185 X 6, 235 X 5 or 6, 185 X 10
T bar rows: 2 plates X 8, 3 plates X 2 sets of 10
Lying plate extension: (kinda looks like a weird nose breakers, but with your arms extended out past your head): 45 X 15, 100 X 3 or 4 sets of 8-10. I have never done these, but I think I like them.
DB Flys: 35 X 3 sets of 12
Ab Row machine: 3 sets of 8-10.

Good few workouts this week

New Years, Sick and back

New years day training was short and easy.
romanian deads: 5 sets of 5 with 315
pullups: 5 sets of 4. It has been a while for these...
suspended safety bar good mornings: worked up to a whopping 2 plates for 3 sets of 5
seems like there was something else, but can't remember...

I had been fighting the crud for most of the week, and it smacked me in the mouth on Monday. Zpak-No Training- lot of sleep- and better on Wednesday.

Squats with buffalo bar: 3 blues over the bar and then added plates a quarter at a time. I worked up to 325 for 2 doubles off a slightly lower than parallel box. First set was crap, but the second one went well. I am still favoring my right knee a little from a little tweak a while ago.
Rack Pulls right above the knee: doubles up to a single with 745. Not great, but it went a little better than normal
Reverse Hyper: 2 sets of 15 with 500, and I was done.