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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sumation of last few days of training.

Deads on Friday:
Conv worked up to 675 X 1 good
700 X 1 not quite good enough (apparently it doesn't count if you have to ask if it is locked out)
700 X even worse miss at the top
Went to sumo...
missed 725 3 times at the top. Fast off the floor then sputters to a slow grinding halt 3 inches before lockout.

Monday We Benched...the short highlight version
495 X 1 off 2 board raw
455 X 3 super wide with slingshot
495 X 3 super wide with slingshot and 1 soft board
snatch press, triceps ext with chains, rear delt db raise...arm bars.....done

Squat with sam hell bully bar (russians) in briefs
515 X 5
605 X 3
705 X 3
795 X 3
605 X 5
Speed deads against bands (monster mini quaded up)
225 with bands X 8 sets of 2
ab wheel X 3 sets of 8
reverse hyper: 6oo X 3 sets of 15


Good job to Charles and Travis at their meet this week end. Each one had a PR day and both left a little on the table. Congrats, now back to work!

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