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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Suit squats

We decided to do a few weeks of suit squats to kinda tune up before we start our next training cycle. I also wanted to see if I could actually fit into mine still....
145 X 2 sets of 5
255 X 3
335 X 1
545 X 1 briefs on
705 X 1
835 X 1 suit bottoms on. Probably 4-5" high
925 X 1 suit bottoms on. just a little lower than last one 3-4" high
1015 (reverse band) X 1 straps up. deepest of the night and still 2-3" high.

Romanian Deads:
225 X 3
315 X 3
405 X 3
495 X 3
585 X 2

Reverse hypers: 3 sets of 12

So I am 10-15 lbs heavier than when i wore my suit last and it was tight as all get out. It wasn't terrible in the hips, but the legs were way tighter than I have ever had them. I think I am going to have them let out and inch or so on each leg and see what happens next week with it. All in all not a terrible night for the first time back in a suit.

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