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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bench Stuff

Squats with cambered bar: started adding chains at 325 2 at a time. after all the chains were on i added went to 375 bar weight for 3. then up to 415 and 9 chains per side sor my last set of three. My last 2 sets I used a higher box (the raw work is taxing my hips a little more than I m used to)
After I closed the gym down I decided to do three laps with the sled just for a little cardio. took me about 6 min/lap with one plate. not much, but more than nothing.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Decided to do reverse band deads: 245 X 2 sets 8, 445 X 2 sets of 5, 535 X 2, 625 X 2, 715 X 2, 805 X 2 (used straps) 805 X 2, 715 without straps. was going to do two but my foot slipped on the second one.
reverse hypers: 2 sets of 20 with 600.

It was a fun night with the reverse bands. The bands probably took off about 100 lbs in the very top and around 200 in the bottom. Most everyone else started their training cycle with band squats. There were two dudes that haven't ever done bands before and they lost their band virginity getting stapled to the box at least once or twice.

Bench night

Bench with chains: used 225 bar weight and added chains 2 at a time until i got to 6-7 chains per side for a set of 3 off a two board.
Close grip 4 board press: 405 X 5, 455 X 4
Lat Pulldowns with fat bar: cant remember much except the last set at 300. The only reason I did this was to see how spud was going to get his 220 lbs to pull 300 lbs was funny with a lot of leg flailing.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Cambered bar squats with chains: worked to a bar weight of 325 then added chains 2 at a time until we had7.5 chains per side. All sets were 5 reps off a box.
Light anchor chain (sled pull) about 300 lbs 1 short trip
Kettlebell double swongs between legs: 72 X 10, 88 X 10
Band goodmorning/pull through: 2 sets of 20 with green band

Friday, September 19, 2008


Deads: 135 X 8, 225 X 5, 315 X 5, 405 X 3-4 sets of 4, then did one sets of 2 with 495
close stance leg press: 4 sets of 8-10
reverse hyper: 2 sets of 15 with ~600


bench with chains: worked up to 2 plates and started adding chains: worked up to 5-6 plates X 2 sets of 5 off a one board.
4 board close grip press: 3 pl X 5, 4 pl X 5, 4.5 X 4

Saturday, September 13, 2008

squat switch

I am going to do 3-4 weeks of cambered bar squats with chains.
went up to 325 and 4-5 chains (can't remember) for 2 sets of 5, but did more work than it sounds like.
Reverse band deads with chains (I know this sounds retarded, but Now is the time to experiment for the next cycle) Green bands probably took off 134-150 at the top: 325 lb bar weight. Kept adding chains 2 at a time until we ran out of chain. final set was around 7-8 chains per side for sets of 3. This was way too light for the spud, but we both agreed it would be something fun to throw in for the next training cycle. I think I am going to try a super chain cycle(using a lot of my weight in chains this cycle for all three lifts) and see how it does. I think we are going to need more chains for spud if he decides to do it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Squatting so soon?

against everyones advice I decided to squat to see how it would feel.
235 X 4-5 sets of 8-10. Everyone held their breath on the first set.
Everything felt good with no pain in my hamstring dispite the big hematoma on the back of my leg. I didn't realize everyone was nervous until Karl offered to spot me on 235.

On thursday all the new Spud Inc Kettlebells came in. They looked cool, but damn they were heavy!

Just a little

Normally take a week off after the meet, but since I didn't actually do the whole meet I decided to do a little to get some blood in my muscles.
Bench: 135 X 5 sets of 20
Band Pushdowns: 4 sets of 20
Side raise: 20 X 15

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Meet day

The Meet went well for everyone on the team. It was weird not getting all jacked up and anxious when it was time to squat, because I was not squatting. I picked another of my favorite activities to take my mind off of it. 4 sausage and egg crosoints, 2 trioplex cookies, 2 muscle sandwiches and a jug of pedialyte hit the spot and I was ok. The bench went well with my third attempt at 639 going very well and fast. can't complain there. It was a good day, but I hav't had a whole nights sleep since the meet (more like 3-4 hr naps at night) so it is off to bed for me.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not so good news

Not going to compete full power at the meet this weekend. I am going to go in the bench only division. I have a very small amstring tear on my right hammy. Nothing serious for the long term, but not going to risk blowing it out at a meet. Now I am going to eat as much as possible the rest of the week and go in as a super heavy hopefully around 320. 3 chic-fila sandwiches 24 chicken nuggets and a chocolate shake is a good start to that huh. Thats got to be around 2,000 calories. After that the spud diet begins...