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Saturday, September 13, 2008

squat switch

I am going to do 3-4 weeks of cambered bar squats with chains.
went up to 325 and 4-5 chains (can't remember) for 2 sets of 5, but did more work than it sounds like.
Reverse band deads with chains (I know this sounds retarded, but Now is the time to experiment for the next cycle) Green bands probably took off 134-150 at the top: 325 lb bar weight. Kept adding chains 2 at a time until we ran out of chain. final set was around 7-8 chains per side for sets of 3. This was way too light for the spud, but we both agreed it would be something fun to throw in for the next training cycle. I think I am going to try a super chain cycle(using a lot of my weight in chains this cycle for all three lifts) and see how it does. I think we are going to need more chains for spud if he decides to do it.

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