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Friday, August 29, 2008

Finishing up

Last squat night: Went to 455 for 6 sets of 2 in my tight as hell briefs. The first few sets didn't make it much past a quarter squat, but all the sets felt pretty good. Decided to just do some blood work on Tursday to promote some healing.
Side db raise: 20 lbs X 20
Rope pushdowns: 3 sets of 20
lat pulldowns: 2 sets of 20
Biceps Curls: 20lb DBs X 20
Row maching: 1 set of 20
Bench: 135 X 20
I will do some stretching and reverse hyper Saturday, but that is it until the meet. Now the hard part is going to be drinking 2-3 gallons of water a day. This is the first time I have had to cut weight for a meet, so hopefully I don't screw it up. If I do.....there is always the super heavies!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

last bench night

For once no one wanted to go heavy! I ended up doing some speed work with 315 to a one board for 7 sets of 2. Everything went fast and had good pop. One more squat night and a pump up day on Thursday and its time to rest. I weighed 318 today....damn I'm fat. Hopefully I will have about 8-10 lbs to cut on Thursday. I have upped my water intake and have to pee every hour on the hour.

Saturday deads and the Bodybuilding show

I did speed deads from the floor and went up to 405 for 6 sets of 2. No set felt good as my hips never got warmed up for some reason. I figured it was my last pulling workout so i just kept going with it....oh well. Then it was off to the bodybuilding show. The night show was kinda fun. I got to see a few people I haven't seen in a while and all of them commented on how fat I had gotten (only at a bodybuilding show). I sat with Sue and she gave me the rundown on all the fitness and figure girls that she had already seen once in the morning. Right before the show started I saw the opportunity for food so I went to the concession stand and got two snickers (I ate them while the fitness girls were on) On drug the figure classes and then finally intermission. I went across the street to a market to get Spud some cold water for after the show and picked up a little sushi for myself. I got a lot of strange looks for eating sushi during a bodybuilding show, but in my defense the show took forever! The show was over, and spud got second in the light heavies and looked great. Then it was time for pizza hut, little Debbie cupcakes, diet coke, and donuts for spud.

Friday, August 22, 2008

upper body sled and the start of school

Today was supposed to be an upper body assistance day so Sue decided I should do upper body sled (don't know why I even ask her what I should do, because its always hard). I did 2 laps with 2 plates alternating between rear delt raise, iron cross, rows, and triceps extensions. It was kinda fun, and it didn't kill my joints which is what I was looking for.

So I started school on Thursday which is always fun. I have a few 8:00 am classes which suck and no college students like and on my way to class I started taking notice of the people around me. The girls were divided into not awake yet struggling to string footsteps in a straight line, and bubbly talking giggling perky kids. It took me a while to figure it out but most of the nice dressed perky giggly girls were freshman and they were excited to finally be in college. The girls in shorty shorts you know they slep in last night and flip flops are the seniors or second year seniors that have been in school too long to care about clothes at 8 am. I just found it funny and thought I would share. Being a second year senior I feel the same way....I just hope i have clothes on, and it doesn't matter what they look like.

Squat night

Next to last squat session...minimal work but work none the less:
Squats in briefs: Worked up to 6-7 sets of 2 with 505. All the reps were clean and fairly fast. My upper back didn't help me out any tonight ( I think it wanted the night off) so it hurt most of the night. At least it hurt less this week than last week.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bench stuff

I think almost every single person in the crew is doing some sort of meet/police Olympics in the upcoming weeks so it was a busy night. By the time the night was done everyone was in a shirt and trying to max out 2 weeks before their meet. Anyways....this is what I did.
Bench: 135 X 2 sets of 12, 225 X 2 sets of 8, 315 X 1 set of 3 off 2 board, 405 X 1 in shirt off 2 board, 495 X 3 sets of 3 to a one board. I used my opener shirt tonight and didn't jack it up at all and was able to touch fairly easy to a one board, so my opener is looking good to touch. I expect squat night to be a little more low key since no one really wants to go heavy on squats all the time except mike. But Keith the angry troll is coming to do double so you never know what will happen.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Speed Deads

Worked on speed and technique: worked up to 6-7 sets of 2 with 435. the first few sets felt too slow, but I fixed my technique and starting position and everything started to fly. That is why I like doing speed work because I get reminded just how important it is to do it right.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Recovery day

Decided to take a day of fairly easy stuff to get some blood in my muscles to recover a little.
Long Spud Inc ab strap: 4 sets of 12
Wide grip fat bar pulldowns: 5 sets of 12
Low row on cable machine: 4 sets of 10
Close grip 4 board lockout: 225 X 10, 315 X 10, 365 X 10
front raise-side raise-rear raise with 10 lbs: 2 sets of 60

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Russians in briefs

Squats: 415 X 2, 505 X 5, 595 X 3, 645 X 3, 705 X 3, 545 X 5 Not a bad night considering my back was trying to revolt against squatting. That was the most reps i have done with 700 and am happy with it. Time to start easing off a little to rest and heal up.

Bench Opener night

I've got a shirt that isn't as tight as my meet shirt to open with, but that doesn't mean it isn't tight!
All weights done in shirt: 405 X 1 off 3 board, 495 X 1 off 2 board, 545 X 1 off 1 board, 575 X didn't quite touch the chest, but went up well. The shirt was pretty jacked up so I figure if we don't jack it up so much at the meet I can touch 575-580 for an opener.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fat Guy in a little suit!

I decided since I had an extra 25 pounds on me since I last wore my deadlift suit it might be a good idea to see if I could still get it on. It was not a pretty sight, but it went on.
Deads worked up to 405 X 2, then suit bottoms on 455 X 1, Straps up, 455 X 1, suit off 405 X 2
and that was that. We had a rising bodybuilder come down to the gym on Saturday to hang out and talk to people. All of the powerlifters kept trying to get me to posedown with him in my suit that was so small on me it looked like i had posing briefs on. I think not!

Extra Upper Work

Low Row: 4 sets of 10
Spud Inc Long Ab Strap pull downs: 4 sets of 12
Overhead press off pins with chains: Did sets of 5 with 135 and added a chain each set up to 5 chains per side.
Shrugs with neutral grip shrug bar: did sets of 10 from 2-5 plates per side.
Double band Triceps push down: 5 sets of 15 with purple bands.
Fat bar Wide grip lat pull downs: 3 sets of 12

My chest was still sore from all the dumbbell work on Monday so I didn't do any chest.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Last Week in Suit

Squats: 145 X 12, 235 X 8, 335 X 3, 485 X 1 (briefs) 595 X 1, 735 X 1 (suit) 815 X 3 This was a challenge, but it was fun. The first two were clean....and the third was ugly but it got up.
Closed the Gym down and pulled the sled for 2 laps with 2 plates.
Reverse Hyper: 1 set of 20 with 500

Monday, August 4, 2008

Deload Bench Night

It was finally time to take a deload night for upper so I tagged along with Spud.
Dumbell Press: 60 X 20, 75 X 15, 100 X 4 sets of 10
Reverse pec Deck rear delt ext: 4 sets of 10
1/2 dips (they were more than 1/2 dips, but not real dips): 4 sets of 10
Spud Inc Long Ab strap crunches: 4 sets of 15 and 2 sets of obliques (If I still have those)
Some sort of close grip rows we do from time to time (we call them prison pulls because there is a lot of hip thrusting and a little flailing while you try to do your set): 3 sets of 10