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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Deloading and pulls

We all deloaded for the first time in quite a while. One little pause to catch our breath before the real cycle starts for squats and deads. We started our bench cycle about two weeks ago.
We pulled off of a 3-4" box today. All Conventional on the box
495 X 5 sets of 3. Strangely these felt better than last weeks pulls of 495 with the weight on the box. I finally got the feel of getting my legs involved more instead of just using my back.
2 sets sumo: 405 X 3, 495 X 3. Just to keep in in the grove.
Leg press from a deadstop in the bottom: 4 sets of 8

Monday we will begin a different type of training cycle than we are use to. There will be no scheduled deloads. there will be no "back off" weeks. Spud says you have to force yourself to be uncomfortable to improve. . . Smashed to the point where your not up for the next workout, but you plow on anyways. I am Looking forward to see what we all are made of, as this cycle was made to achieve goals, not for mediocrity.

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