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Monday, January 31, 2011

Bench Night

We did the same set up as last week with reverse bands and chains.
Warm ups were uneventful so here is the good stuff:
795 and 2 chains X 1 off 2 board
795 and 5 chains X 1 off 1 board (A whopping one chain higher than last week)
795 and 5 chains X 1 off no board (but not quite to the chest either) It was a mid air stop and press
885 and 5 chains X miss off the chest. Actually it was off air again. This time I just fought the weight too much and would not let it touch. And on top of that I missed at the top.
Did some close grip 4 board work: 3 sets of 5 heavy
barbell overhead press: 135 X 3 sets of 15
Side Raise: 25 lbs X 3 sets of 15

Done, and Feel High as a Kite. that is when you know your CNS is Kick'en!

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