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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Extra Upper

Speed Bench: Used the Fat bar and mini bands with 1 plate for 9 sets of 3. Light and fast.
Floor E-Z bar closegrip press: worked up to 3 plates for 2 sets of 5 and a set of 6
One arm DB overhead press: 60 X 6, 70 X 6, 80 X 6
One arm side raise (lots of body English on these): 60 X 8, 80 X 8, 100 X 5
Superset band tricep pushdowns with hammer curls (no rest) 3 rounds of 20 on the pushdowns and 8's on the curls. Light weight, just a blood pumper/recovery exercise.

What kinda fun for Deadlift day is in store....?

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