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Friday, October 28, 2011


The meet is 8 days away now. I am starting to feel a little better and recovered a little bit now thankfully. I am and will be doing some foam rolling and stretching a little every day to help facilitate recovery. I am drinking more water and loading up on my branch chain aminos (afterglow) and that normally makes me feel much better. My weight is hanging right around 321-323 # right now. I will probably try and weigh right around the same at the meet since my equipment won't hold much more. As always everything is subject to change but right now here are my planned openers:
Squat: 1005
Bench: 765-775
Dead: 675

Still have to try and stretch my shirt out a little more so I can actually touch at the meet, but I figure a couple of nights stretching will give me enough room to touch. we shall see.

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