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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Squats and Pulls in one night

Wednesday was our last suited squat day. I had an opener planned, but decided to back off a little and just do a set of doubles.
Bar X 8
255 X 2 sets of 6
345 X 1
455 X 1
Briefs on
655 X 1
Suit on straps up with light knee wrap
855 X 2

Deads: The plan was to do an opener and maybe one or 2 more singles just below my opener
405 X 1 I managed to get into my briefs that I wore last meet when i weighed 310. Strange that now i can't get down to the bar in them at 325.....
Wardrobe change: Karl offered the services of his Metal King Deadlifter that is WAY to big for him to ever wear, so I gave it a try.
545 X 1
675 X 1 It went pretty decent. It didn't feel all that speedy, but looked solid on video. The King Deadlift suit is not what I am used to so I wanted to try on a pair of titan briefs the next size up from the ones I outgrew.
635 X 1 in the different briefs. It felt ugly and looked the part too. Still too tight to get down to the bar right. Going with the King Deadlifter at the meet! Opener is planned at 675 and not likely to change. This is the meet to be aggressive.

-Back is wrecked, time for a week-end recoup

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