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Monday, September 26, 2011

Saturday and Monday

Speed deads sumo off of 4" if mats: Mostly Sucked and pretty slow, but it is a work in progress.
5-6 sets of 3 with 405 working on speed and hip pop. Some were good, but most were slow and unsynchronized....
Stiff Leg Deads off of 3 mats: 315,405,455 all for 5 reps
Sit ups on slight decline bench: 70 # X 3 sets of 8
Standing band crunch: 3 sets of 12
Oblique side crunch: 3 sets of 10 with 85 #

Kinda felt like a wasted day honestly. It didn't feel that productive, but I guess you are going to have some o those every once in a while.

Monday Bench opener to 1 board
145 X 2 sets of 10
235 X 2 sets of 5
325 X 1
425 X 1 off 4 board
Shirt on for the rest of the night
645 X 1 off 4 board
735 X 1 off 3 board
775 X 1 off 2 board (fairly ugly, I got out of position and dumped it a little, but still got it).
775 X 1 off 1 board (I don't think i quite touched the board, but got much closer than last week and locked out well.
915 X Smashed Gray reverse band. I got close to the board, but my biceps got a little pinched and i dumped it on the board because it was damn heavy.
Floor Press close grip (pinkie on ring):
225 X 5
315 X 5
365 X 5
405 X 5 I think I only got a triple out of this last week, so I am pretty happy with this.
DB Side Raise: 3 sets of 8 with 65 #.

It was a better bench night than last week, so i will take it. I may have to wet the shirt down to get something to touch, or just open up heavy....yet to be decided.

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