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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Saturday and Monday

Saturday we did good mornings with our Cambered Sam Hell Bully bar. I set our suspension straps a little lower than we normally do to make it suck did.
We did doubles until it got hard and ended with a single
165 X 5
255 X 5
345 X 2
435 X 2
525 X 2
615 X 2 (I think they were lying, but Spud and Pat said it looked fast). My guess is they wanted to see how gullible I was and If i would go 7....
665 X 1 nasty, ugly, hard fought rep. I think it actually stopped in the middle, but I wasn't giving up on it! Spud tried to get me to go 7, but I passed on that trap.
close stance ass to grass squats on the body masters squat machine: 3,4,5,6 plates a side X 8 reps. Say what you want about a squat machine, but I think doing dumb stuff like this helps put a little muscle on my legs.
Weighted sit ups: 3 sets of 8 with 60 lbs
Benbliques: 80,90,100 # db X 12 each side.

Monday was shirt opener to a 1 board....or if you are me it was shirt opener to a 1+ airboard.
warm ups as usual.....and then I put my shirt on
645 X 1 off a 3 board (I dont even thing I touched the board)
735 X 1 off a 2 board (once again...not even sure if it touched the board)
765 X 1 off 1 (plus 1 air board). Shirt was a little tight, and it wouldn't quite touch.
Added a loose gray reverse band for 1 set to a 2 board.....
865 X 1 off a 2 (plus air 1/2 board). It didn't touch a 2 board, but it got locked all was not lost.
Floor Press: 225 X 8, 315 X 8, 365 X 5, 405 X 3 (I didn't want to do anything, but at least I got a little more work in.
External rotator work: 2 sets of 15 each side with 10 lb plate.

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