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Monday, May 2, 2011

Saturday and Monday

Saturday I continued to torture myself. This was my second week of what i call "The Trio", which consists of 3 rounds of 5 reps each with conventional, stiff, and Romanian deadlifts. Each round is with an ascending weight.
365 X 3 set of 5 (1 each exercise)
405 X 3 sets of 5 (1 each exercise)
455 x 3 sets of 5 (1 each exercise)

Close stance KB squats: a pair of 16's, 24's, 28's all for sets of 8.

That was enough pain for one day. 45 good DL reps is enough for me. I was hoping to get one more week where I could go up in weight, but I think I may have to cheat next week and get my heavy sets out of the way and go down. We will see how i feel after my RAW squat day on Wednesday...

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