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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Training

Saturday: Parallel Box squats: worked up to somewhere around 685-705 X 3 sets of 2. I couldn't keep up with the weight, because the Troll and Jean-Claud kept changing my weights.
Pushed the Wheel Barrow after I closed up. 300 Lbs X 1 lap. My traps felt it the next day. The Troll says if i do heavy wheelbarrow then I will pull 800. He is good at putting himself in a win win situation. If I pull 800 then it will all be due to him getting me to do the wheelbarrow. If I don't pull 800 then his deadlift reign in the gym is still safe.
Reverse Hypers: 2 sets of 15
ab Row: 3 sets of 12

Sunday I wanted to see if pulling a 300 lb sled was as hard as the 300 lb chain. Not hardly. did one lap with it. Might try a little haevier next week.

Monday: Shoulder stilla little cranky so I went off a three board most of the night. 135 X 10, 225 X 2 sets of 6, 315 X 2 sets of 5, 405 X 2 sets of 3, 455 X 2, 405 X 5.

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