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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Saturday: raw high box squats with buf bar: worked up to 2 sets of 10 with 505. I felt a little neked without my 2 pair of briefs on, but the high box gave me a little sense of security.

Monday: Messed around on the bench trying to get warm, but that never did come. I did a few little shoulder rehab exercises and just handed off to everyone. some nights ya just don't have it.....better luck next time.

Wednesday: Wanted to do something stupid so we did pull with the weight on boxex (about 5-6 inches it seemed) 225 X 5, 315 X 3, 405 X 2, 495 X 2, 585 X 1.5 (lost the hook grip half way up on the second) Dropped the box to around 3 inches for the last few setsand put spud Inc straps on) 675 X 3, 765 X half hearted miss (all I could do was shart myself and humble take a plate off) 675 X 5 The first 2 or 3 were good reps, the rest were ugly,thats good enough for me.

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