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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bench and squats

We did reverse band bench with chains: I can't remember everything but here is what I think I did. worked up to 565 and added chains 2 at a time. 6 Chains X 2 off 2 board, 8 chains X 1 off 2 board, 7 or 8 chains X a miss off a 1 board, 7 chains X 2 off a 2 board. Not a great night but at least I got some heavy wight in my hands.

Squats in suits: warmed up and tried a new canvas suit: 685 X 1, 775 X 1, and 825 X 1 straps up. Squatting in canvas is different (no give once it stops, and all of these stopped way high), so i decided to try out my ace suit again: 775 X 1, 825 X 1 865 X 2 sets of 1 straps up. The first was a little off as my hips got forward and knees caved a little. the second was more stable and felt better. Not a bad night all in all for being out of a suit for so long. Next week will be a little heavier and hopefully will get the form dialed in a little more.

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