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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Worlds and Vegas

I competed on Sunday with all of the 275+ lifters.  There were a lot of big names there and I was hoping it would turn out to be a good day for everyone.  Not the case for most of the lifters....including myself.

Warm ups went fine as usual.  I weighed a little light so my briefs were a bit loose, but I figured it would let me get depth easier.  I lowered my opener from 950ish to 920 to make sure I was able to get my first one in deep.  They were using metal monolifts (European style) that I hadn't ever used so I was conservative. 
First attempt:  Miss.  I felt like I was in the whole a minute before I hit depth and then tried to good morning it.
Second Attempt:  Deep squat felt better, but right when I got the up call I my right leg came in a bit and the spotters took it (it was the safe call to make even though I yelled at a few people for it). 
Third Attempt:  I just squatted it.  Went down well and came up nice and fast.  I have to have a little excitement I guess...

Bench:  Everything went alright in warm ups, but everything felt heavy as hell.  The trend would continue on the platform.  I opened with 639 and all of my attempts felt terrible.  I couldn't touch a single one without dumping it (I'd get the press call as it was rolling onto my belly).  That makes for a short day.

My perspective of the meet.  The spotting was great as all of the guys were encouraging and positive.  The platform and equipment left a lot to be desired.  Conditions were not the greatest (better equipment in the warm up room than on the platform), but you never know what you are going to get when you go to a meet.  Adapt and persevere, or Bomb and go home.

Lindsay and I stayed out in Vegas for 6 days total and we had a blast.  Everything was fun and entertaining.  We went and saw several shows and exhibits that were really fun.  The highlight of the trip was a helicopter tour of the grand canyon the day before we left. 

We just got back into town, so tomorrow it is back to work and Saturday is back to training.  I'm not sure how bad it is, but i tore something in my right leg on my second attempt.  It feels like it is somewhere in one of the adductors and about an 8" circle on my leg is purple now, so I'll have to be a little patient getting back to work on it.  Even though it didn't go as planned I had all the support I could ever want.  Much thanks to Mike and Spud for handling me, Sue for taking vids and being there to help with what ever else I needed. Thank you to all of my training partners who help me this cycle and stayed late to help.  Last and most of all I owe a great deal of thanks to my wife Lindsay for supporting me and through good and bad. 

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