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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The last week or so

Saturday was the last heavy pull day in the cycle.  I pulled off of ~5" Blocks.
worked up to 585 raw then put the suit on.
675 X 1 sort of.  I didn't set it up and ended up sort of falling backward and ditching the weight at the top.
675 X 1 clean and fast
725 X 1 decent.  Not super fast, but it would count.

I know I did some more, but it escapes me other than the rear delt work and hamstring curls.

Monday Opener touch night....ok so, opener almost touch night.
Put my shirt on early in hopes of warming it up and getting it on well.
405 X 3 off 4 board
495 X 2 off 3 board
585 X 1 off 2 board
635 X miss off a 1 board.  I didn't have a good arch and dropped it too low so it didn't move.
635 X 1 off a 1 board
655 X 3/4 off a air 1 board.  This didn't go that well.  I thought it would touch and had I been more patient it might have, but after a while in the bottom I pressed it most of the way up and threw it into the rack before really locking it out.

4 board press:
315 X 8
365 X 8
405 X 8
455 X 6 or 7
495 X 5 or 6  The new guy was holding the boards and they kept sliding half way down my stomach so i was yelling at him during most of my sets.
Kettlebell single arm ext: 12 Kg X 2 sets of 20. 16 Kg 2 set of 15

Arm bars: 3 sets of 30 sec holds each arm with a 12 Kg.

Wednesday Deload squat night:  We did suspended GM's off our Spud, Inc. suspension straps:
435 X 5 sets of 5.  Kept it moderately light and tried to keep it fast and violent.
font squats off a box:  3 sets of 8 with 315.

Done for the night.  Not a bad night for a deload.

Thursday upper accessory:
floor press: worked up to 225 X 8, X 8, X 12
275 X 8, 275 X 12.
Kettlebell double snatch press:
16 X 8, 20 X 8, 24 X 8  Then we did one ladder in descending order.  6 reps per bell:
28,24,20,16 Kg.  My conditioning is terrible right now and it has been forever since I have done this...I remember why.  It blows!
Side DB Raise: 40,45,50 lbs X 1 set of 10 each am.
Front plate raise: 2 sets of 20.
Kettlebell arm bars: 2 sets of 30 sec holds each arm.  More band stretching after wards fo my angry pecs and shoulders.

Looking forward to getting smashed by the massage therapist tomorrow. 

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