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Saturday, August 1, 2009


We did another week of deads with chains off 3 inch box: I just did singles. We added chains one at a time with a bar weight of 585. I think i made it 3 or maybe 4 chains before I tapped out.
Hanging high leg raise: 4 sets of 5

I had to do cardio today so i figured I might as well make it suck ass since my training did.
Hooked the two small chains together and decided to pull them for a lap.
I went backwards from my normal chain path starting with the uphill portion first trying to avoid the long incline that starts at the stop sign. I made it half way around in half an hour and to the opening into the parking lot in just over 45 min. That is where it all ended. I had to drop one of the chains and finish them one at a time. I know it sounds obvious, but pulling one chain feels a lot easier after pulling two 3/4 way around. I finished pulling the second chain 54 minutes after starting. I think it is possible to do on a cooler day when i am fresh, but even then it will be an ass whipping.

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