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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday training and Mr. Fraidy Carb

Thursday Cardio Chain drag for one lap.....not much, but enough

Saturdays training was about the usual as of late
Squats to warm up worked up to 235 X 2 or 3 sets then set to pulling.
Deads: worked up to 495 and did singles alternating sumo and conv for a while, then did doubles of each. I think I ended up pulling about 6 reps sumo and 6 conv. All reps felt off and slow. The weight-loss thing has thrown my center of gravity off, and it feels like i don't know where my hips are or where they need to be to pull like i use to. oh well......hopefully with a little more time at this body weight I can figure it out. I am maintaining somewhere between 265 and 270 right now and feel like i can easily maintain that for a while.

On a side note Sue calls Spud Mr. Fraidy carb because he does alot of low carb days through the week, and something spud said today screamed Mr. Fraidy carb. Marc saw me eating some turkey wraps and said they smell he looked longingly at my flat bread wraps as he asked me....."are those low carb wraps....." I laughed realizing he was serious. He just walked off and said you will understand one day..... One day I will probably be Mr. Fraidy carb to but tonight.....its Cake and Pizza cheat night!! Damn QVC had some awesome looking deserts on sale and now I going to make a special trip to the grocery store to get some cake.

-A little extra cardio and it all evens out

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