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Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday and Eating Day

Monday Bench:
135 X 3 sets of 10, 185 X 2 sets of 5, 225 X 5, 275 X 3 off 1 softy, 315 X 3 off 2 softy boards, 365 X 2 off 2 softy boards, 405 X 2 2 softy boards, 455 X 2 2 softy boards (i think), 495 X 2 off 3 board, 545 X 2 off 4 board, 545 X 3 off 4 board, 495 X 5 off 3 or 4 board....can't remember....most likely 4 board.
1 lap with the prowler with a plate on each side. I haven't really done any consistent serious cardio in about 2 weeks. I was trying to get my ankle/heel to heal up and stop hurting but it didn't really help so i got back to it tonight.

Saturday was the Police olympics and we had two people do the meet and everyone else was there to either judge, spot or stand around and look pretty (just going on what everyone else said Ben). Chauncey and Leah did as well as they wanted and noone got hurt so it is a win.

After closing the gym I went to eat with mike and his wife and sone and Pam and Mac. It was On! One of my last "free days" as i call it before getting back to eating clean, and I was looking forward to EATING. Mac made the grave mistake of underestimating my eating ability. I think that he believed he could out eat me in my weakened/dieted stake........Never. With about 4 spoonfulls of rice left on his plate he tapped out.....i don't think he could breath anymore. Me.....i stopped by Nestle Tollhouse on the way home. 2 chocolate chip brownies, 1 butterfinger brownie and 2 chocolate chip cookies later I am in heaven. I sit down to watch the NFL preseason and drift off to sleep. Back to eating clean and cardio until next weekend.

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