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Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday and Monday

Box squats with chains using cambered bar: worked up to 465 bar weight and 8, 9,9 and 10 chains per side each set X 3 reps. Everything felt good.
Spud Inc belt squats using 154 lb farmer handles: 5 sets of 15
Hanging leg raise: 3 sets of 8
I can't remember much more.....must have either not done anything or nothing important....

Monday: Could not decide weather to deload or keep rolling with the cycle.
Floor DB Press: 40 X 15, 60 X 12, 80 X 10, 100 X 8, 120 X 6, 130 X 5 sets of 6
E-Z bar modified skull crushers with chains: bar weight 85 lbs, 1,2,3,4,4 chains all X 8 reps
Long Ab strap crunches: 2 dropsets 15, 12, 10 light to heavy

Not quite sure if this was a deload workout or not.....I guess it will depend on how sore I get from it.

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