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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Upper night

I tried something new tonight. Floor press using a deadlift bar with chains hanging on the chain mate at the end of the bar. The bar was very unstable and wobbly going down and up.
Warmed up to a bar weight of 225 then added chains up to 5 chains per side. did 4 sets of 3 there.
Incline Press (been forever since i have done these): 185 X 3 sets of 10. Did each set with different grip (medium grip, competition grip, and and little finger an inch inside the rings).
Kettlebell double snatch: 20 kg X 10, 20 kg X 15, 20 kg X 20
Chest supported double dumbell row: 100 X 10, 100 X 12, 100 X 15

The leg is doing better. Able to do more and more stuff to rehab it. I think I am compensating my not squatting by eating a lot "anti-depression food" as i think Spud termed it.

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