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Monday, November 30, 2009

I am still around

So it has been forever since I have posted. Hectic School stuff and lackluster training has made me lazy, but I am back to posting for my loyal fans (Mac you are awesome).

Monday 11/30/09
Bench off 2 foam boards: 365 X 6, 365 X 8, 365 X 10, 365 X 11, 315 X 12 worn out
Spud Inc Jump ring Pullups: 3 sets of 3. Haven't done these in a while so I suck again at them.
Kettlebell Snatch press: Used 20 kilo for 20 snatch press per arm for 2 sets.
Rear delt KB raise: 20 Kilo X 2 sets of 12
One set of Biceps Curls with 35's..... That's all the prim'en these big guns need.

I ate somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 Thanksgiving meals (Thanksgiving extended into Sunday night)

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