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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wednesday and Christmas

Wednesday deads: worked up to 405 and did 3 sets X 5 conv and 3 sets X 5 sumo.
KB Squats on incline: 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 X 8 then a drop set from the 28's to the 12's no rest. This seriously crippled me for 15 minutes.
glute hams: 3 sets of 5. I am going to start doing these ( I have never really done them before)
Spud Inc long ab strap crunch: 5 sets of 15
Hanging high leg raise: 1 set of 10.

We went to visit the families for Christmas this weekend. When we got to Winston-Salem I was looking forward to a nice dinner, a cold beer and relaxing for a while. Then I found out I had been elected to be "Santa" this year (this is a yearly occurrence when I am there). The Santa suit looked like spandex on me and the hat would not stay on my fat head. I went around the neighborhood yelling at all the kids to go to bed. All the kids I saw quickly turned and ran....not sure if they were running to bed or away from me.....? All in all it was a nice Christmas and I enjoyed seeing all the family.

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