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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Deadlift Night and Wine

Elevated deadlift (me on a 2-3" BoX): worked up to 405 X 1 then added some weight releaser contraption I rigged up with the Spud Inc Stump straps and a kettlebell and did: 404 and 12 kilo kb per side X 1, 405 and 28 kilo KB per side X 1. The Stump strap weight releaser (really an overloader) was cool, but created an akward twisting motion to the pull I didn't care for so I bagged it after 2 sets, but I will revisit this again to get it right).
elevated deads: conv 495 X 2 sets of 3, Sumo 405 X 1, 495 X 3, 585 X 2 with straps (these wre slightly harder than I had hoped, but not terrible all things considered).
Bodymasters squats (butt to calves pretty much): 2, 3, 4, 5 plates X 8 reps
Stiff Leg deadlifts with DB's: 65, 75, 85 lbs all X 12
Ab rows on rower machine: 3 sets of 8
Benbliques: 3 sets of 10 medium heavy.

So as everyone who is anyone knows that i am getting married soon (not really), and I have taken it apon myself to get all the alcohol. Long story short I had some good wine at Christmas and again at a nice restaraunt recently (that I paid what I felt like a load of money for at the restaraunt) So I decided to serve it at the wedding, and went to the store to price it. Needless to say I was shocked to see the store price was 1/5th the price I paid in the reasaraunt. Never buying wine at a rasaraunt again....byob all the way now.

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