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Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Bench night

Floor press with chains: worked up to 275 and added chains one at a time for sets of 3. I did 2 sets at 3 chains per side and one set with 4 chains per side.
KB Snatch: We did 5 sets of 5 per arm with the 88 lb KB
Rolling triceps ext: 65 X 10, 65 X 10, 75 X 10
Modified JM press: 3 sets of 10 with 90ish lbs.
Rope triceps ext: 3 sets of 10 with stack
Bent over rows: 225 X 10, 315 X 10, 405 X 2 sets of 10

The floor pressing sucked, but everything else felt pretty good.
I took this past Saturday off to go to the beer festival at the Columbia metro center. I learned a lot about how to home brew beer (which I plan to start my first batch soon) and tasted a lot of new beers. I would highly recommend that any beer enthusiast try to make it next year as it was a lot of fun.

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