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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It has been a while

Laborday Fiasco:
Benched on laborday but didnt have a shirt that fit so it was a wash. The highlight was a 585 for an ugly single off a 3 board.

Wednesday we deloaded squats
safety squat bar: 255 X 5 sets of 5
Reverse hyper for 2 sets
stretching and foam rolling and I was done

Saturday deads: We used the squat bar with chains
Bar weight was 555
1 chain X 1
2 Chains X 1
3 chains X 1
4 chains X 2 misses

Deadlift form feels good, everything just feels heavy and slow

Deloaded the bench this Monday 9/13/10
DB Press: 90's X 4 sets of 10
Band triceps ext: 4 sets of 15
DB overhead press: 2 sets of 10
Band face pulls: 3 sets of 20
Did a lot of biceps and pec stretching, but mainly helped the guys benching.

Looking forward to squatting on Thursday. Heavy Russians!

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