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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Accessory and Ass whoopen Saturday

I have been slack in my upper body accessory work and it showed at the meet with sub par bench attempts.  Thursday was the first "upper auxiliary" day in a while, but will not be the last.
Straight bar close grip presses off the squat box out of mono:
bar X 10
105 X 2 sets of 10
105 and 1 blue band per side X 3 or 4 sets of 10
DB Row: 65, 75, 85, 95 all X 10 reps

Not a killer workout, but still feeling a bit beat up in the elbows from the meet, and my training client showed up so short and sweet for the first night back.

Saturday lowerbody day.  I had wanted to try some Chuck V inspired safety squat bar with deadlift training (vogelpohlz I have heard them called), and today seemed like the right day, so we went at it.  We did them in the rack for the first time with the DL bar about 2-3" below the knees.
SSB 1 plate Dead 1 plate: 2 sets of 5
SSB 1 plate, Dead 2 plates X 5
SSB 1 plate, Dead 2.5 plates X 5
SSB 1.5 Plates, Dead 3 plates X 3
SSB 2 plates, Dead 3 plates X 3 (max effort/shart city on these 2 sets)
SSB 2 plates, Dead 3.5 plates X 2 sets of 3.  These were freak'en awesome!  It absolutely smashed everyone who did them including me.  None of us were good at them, so hopefully we can do these every so often to help target our weak points and stop sucking on the deadlift.

Glute Ham Raise:
Bodyweight (a lean 322) X 8
Holding a 25lb plate X 3 sets of 8

Reverse Hypers: 3 sets of 15 with ~600#
Lying Leg raise with chain on feet:
2 chains X 10
3 chains X 10
4 chains X 10 dropped to 2 chains for 10 more reps. 

That was all that was in the tank today, but I am excited we tried these today.  More pain ahead.

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