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Friday, June 12, 2009


Speed box squat: 325 X 4 sets of 3
Deads: went up to 405 X 2 sets of 10 Conv, 1 set of 10 sumo, and 1 set of5 with 500 sumo.
Close stance assisted safety bar squats sets of 5 with 145, 235, 325, 415, 505.

Step mill for 40 mins after we closed up since I slept in instead of doing it in the morning.

Thursday: No "workout" to speak of, but the kettlebell unloading was good enough for me. I kept hollering GPP at stefan all day and laughing, and finally he asked me...... what is gpp? I was like dude...... after all the sled work, chain drags and prowler he doesn't know what gpp was....

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