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Friday, July 6, 2012

The past weeks action

Saturday was deadlift test day for conventional.  I worked up to 585 and it went fast, then 675 went better than it normally does, but much slower than the 6 plates.  725 didn't feel all that much heavier than 675, but I pulled the normal Dale and got it close to finish and died out. 
Belt squat belt using Spud, Inc. belt squat belt standing on bumper plates:
200 X  2 sets of 8
300 X 8
400 X 2 sets of 8

Reverse hyper: 4 sets of 15

Monday Raw bench sot of...
Used the fat bar for a change:
165 X 2 sets of 10
215 X 2 sets of 8
255 X 2 sets of 6
305 X 4 The plan here was to use about the same weights I used last week for 3 reps, but do 4's this week.
345 X 4.  I was warmed up good by now and this was the best feeling set so far until my pec got cranky.  It didn't hurt bad, but called it there for the pressing so I wouldn't rip it.

Triceps extensions with ez curl bar and mini? band looped under the bench attaching to the bar sleeve:
85 X 15
85 X 15
105 X 15
125 X 12
85 X 16

Bent over row to upper chest (for upperback and rear delts)  I have not done these in years for some reason. 225 X 5 sets of 8

Wednesday was the 4th of July so we trained at 10 much to my disliking (It actually wasn't too bad)
Cambered bar box squat with a blue over the plates.  I'll save you the warm ups, and pick up when briefs went on.
3 plates X 3
4 plates X 2
5 plates X 2
5 plates X 3
5.5 plates X 3 lowered the box slightly
6 plates X 2  I had 3 in me, but the bar was sliding down my back so I called for the rack.

Glute hams with back elevated about 10 inches:
bw (which is shriveling to a weakling 310 lbs) X 8
bw X 8
25 plate X 5, then 3 with bw
25 plate X 5, then 4 with bw

Long ab strap crunch X 6 sets of 12

Thursday Upper extra work
Bench:  just tried to get some blood moving around and stretch it out.
55 X 2 sets of 20
105 X 2 sets of 15
150 X 4 sets of 15 with some varied grips.  I added a chain on each side for a set and it started talking a bit so just backed off.
Seated on floor KB overhead press: 16,20,24,28 Kg all X 8 reps.  Nothing to hard, but a little work
DB Row: 100,110,120,130 all X 1 set of 10
Band chest flys: 3 sets of 15

Decent week of training.  More fun planned for Saturday morning!

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