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Monday, July 30, 2012

The last week or so....

Thursday was upper accessory.  I just did some light bench to get some blood in my pec that was bothering me. then did a bit for triceps and shoulders.
Close grip 3 foam board lockout with 185 and 4 chains per side: 4 sets of 5
Kettlebell double overhead press: 12,16,20,24,28,32 Kg all for 1 set of 10
Double Kettlebell triceps ext lying on floor: 16,20,24,28 Kg all for 1 set of 10

 I squatted Saturday instead of Wednesday.  We did free squats with the straight bar in briefs.
595 X 1
685 X 1
775 X 1
775 X 2
865 X 2 reverse band
It wasn't a hard day, but it felt decent to get a little weight on my back.  I will be starting a training cycle this coming Saturday, so I didn't want to blow it out.

Monday we Benched.  I wasn't sure how angry my pec was going to be so I warmed up slow and took my time.  I felt good enough and decided to use my loose shirt for some low board work.
495 X 2 off 2 board with maddog slingshot.
loose phenom shirt on from here out
555 X 2 off 2 board
585 X 2 off 1 board
635 X 2 off 1/2 board.  I don't keep track that well, but I think this may be a PR in that shirt.

Rolling Triceps ext: 40,50, 60, 60 all or 1 set of 10

Dead stop dips with green band over shoulders: 4 or 5 set of 6 or 7 reps.

Strict overhead press with squat machine:
1 plate X 2 sets of 8
1.5 plates X 2 sets of 8
2 plates X 2 sets of 8

I was fortunate enough to get an invite to go to the Worlds in Vegas in November, so I will start my training cycle Saturday for that meet.

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