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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A taste of suit work and upper accessory day

I am about 8 weeks out from the meet so it is about time to get in the suit again.  The plan was to work up to my planned final warm up at the meet. 
145 X 2 sets of 8
235 X 5
325 X 1
415 X 1
595 X 1 Put some old boss briefs on tonight.  Mine were being repaired from the fat leg blowout last time.
685 X 1
775 X 1 With Boss Suit bottoms on.
865 X 1 Straps up.  It felt decent, and the weight moved well.  Mike the depth Nazi said I was about an inch high.  For a last warm up I will take an inch high and be happy for now.

Zerchers with harness:  Normally I wear a belt with these, but went without a belt this time.  We didn't go heavy with them, but it felt better without a belt.
135 X 6
225 X 6
315 X 6
365 X 2 sets of 6
One of the guys that works for us has started coming to work out with us this week.  After he did 2 sets of these he disappeared.  Finally he emerged out of the locker room shoes changed wallet in hand....It was fun to shame him into a few more sets he obviously didn't want to do. 

Laying leg raise with chain around the ankles: 1,2,3 chains all for 1 set of 10.

Thursday upper accessory day:

Close grip bench with doubled up monster mini bands off a 4 board.
135 X 8
225 X 8
275 X 8
315 X 8  These were as hard as I thought they would be.  I am trying to work on triceps strength without the normal leg drive (belly toss) that I use.  I think they should help down the road.

Close grip cambered bar press out of mono laying on our squat box (longest exercise name ever)
165 X 6
215 X 6
265 X 6
305 X 6
325 X 5

We set up a lying band row (attached to a bar) to work on pulling the bar apart, squeezing the bar down etc.
4 sets of 8 or 10 with a choked off purple band on each barsleeve.  These were as good as I had hoped.  I still need work on keeping my shoulders back, and squeezing the bar down to my fat belly instead of cutting it high.

I have abandoned the carb back loading until after November.  I was down to 317 from 330 in three days, so I will be fat for at least 8 more weeks, but probably a bit longer than that...

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