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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beach trip and Benching

We took off for a long week end and went to the beach in North Carolina.  It was nice to get a way and relax a bit. It was a typical beach trip.  I got sunburnt the first day, I ate a ton of fresh seafood, and drank beer or Knob creek with about every meal (that's what vacations are for).  We got back in late Sunday night and back to benching Monday...

135 X 3 sets of 8
205 X 6
255 X 5
315 X 3
405 X 2 off 2 soft boards
I put my tight shirt (56 phenom) back on.  Not so fun to put a bench shirt on with a sun burn....
495 X 3 off a 4 board
585 X 3 off a 3 board
635 X 3 off a 2 board
635 X 2 off a 1.5 board
I was pretty happy with this workout.  Probably the lightest thing I have gotten to a 1.5 board in the tight shirt, and nothing was hard to touch the boards.  I was hoping that with changing my bench set up like Murph suggested I would be able to touch lighter looks promising so far.  It jacks my back up, but It feels much better than the crappy form I had.

Spoon press with DB's: 45,55,65, 75 lbs all for 1 set of 12
One arm Overhead press with KB's: 20,24,28,32 Kg all for 1 set of 8 each arm
mini band Face pull/external rotator work: 4 sets of 15.

I am planning on starting to carb backload on Friday.  You are supposed to go 10 days no carbs first, then start, but I am only going to run 4 days of no carb.  With the meet so close (~8 weeks) and having a lot of gear work scheduled If I go 10 days no carb none of my gear would fit for at least 2 weeks.  The first day of No carbs I lost 9 pounds...I think 4 days will be long enough for now.

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