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Friday, September 7, 2012

Trip to Boston

Spud and I took a little time to head to Murph's strongman contest in Boston to hang out.  The flight out of Atlanta to Boston was a bit cramped with Spud on my right, Me in the Middle and a shaved legged 275 lb Boston guy on my right.  None of us were all that happy (me the least as I am not a fan of being touched, let alone for 3 hrs straight).  Once we arrived in Boston Murph picked us up in his Giant TPS truck and we checked out his gym.  Despite a ton of stairs (not fat friendly), the gym was awesome.  It has something for everyone: powerlifting, strongman, boxing, and a ton more.If you are ever in Everett, you need to go.
     We went and ate a ton of food at an old steak house then back to the hotel to settle in.  Murph picked us up for Dinner and we went and ate at a cool old bar called the 8/10.  I had a pizza, some macaroni, and other appetizers (non stop eating and drinking for a couple of hours).  It was a pretty cool place and it seemed like Murph knew about everyone there.  Some of his cop Buddies stopped in and hung out for a while and it seemed a little like our gym where our deputies come in and hang out with us.
     Friday we hung out at the gym most of the day while Murph did some last minute prep work for the contest and we waited anxiously to train.  I had been wanting to come train with the shirt guru Murph for a while so I was happy to get the chance.  Murph showed me a lot of ticks in setting my shirt and corrected my terrible bench form.  It is always good to get someone you don't train with to look at you and pick your form apart. After training there was a lot more Pizza and calzones eaten and we called it an early night.
     Contest day was a lot of fun with great weather and plenty of people to help and everything went smoothly.  There were at least 8 or 9 Women doing the contest and it was fun to watch them get after it.  Along with the girls thee wee some big boys (a few 6'5+, 375lbs +) at the contest that were cool to watch. 
After the contest was over the real party started.
     We moved the beer from the contest upstairs to the gym (several large heavy coolers up lots of stairs) and the gym staff and helpers hung out to drink beer and eat pizza.  I had a few beers and then Murph broke out a bottle older than I am of Irish Whiskey (I knew I was in trouble then).  There was lots more alcohol and fun had that night, and made for a long day the next day.  I skipped breakfast and didn't get out of bed until 1 P.M.  I don't think I have slept that late in years.
     Once I got over my hangover we went out to Boston to see the town.  We went and saw the USS Constitution and the monument for Bunker Hill which was something really cool.  We went to the Italian Market and walked around for a while.  The streets wee full of people hanging out, eating and having a fun time. We went to a nice steak place to eat with Murph and his family and called it an early night as we had an early flight back to reality.
     The trip to Boston was great fun.  Everyone was nice and Murph took great care of us the whole time.  I learned a lot from Murph on the bench and had a blast doing it.  I will definitely be going back to Boston.

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