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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saturday and monday

The big USC vs. LSU game was on Saturday night and mike invited everyone over to his house to watch the game so Lindsay and I went. (Saturday was a cheat day on the somewhat of a they all arent cheat days for me ) So I was excited to eat and drink as much as I wanted. I brought a bottle of Burbon that was 103 proof and Mike ha the FireFly vodka so we were set for an entertaining night. Everyone else was drinking and eating at a leisurly pace except mike and me...... Mike decided he wanted to go toe to toe with me drink for drink.....not a good idea for either one of us. At some point in the night I remember mike and I sitting our half fell cups on our bellys like coasters and saying......Now thats how you get a 700 lb bench... It was a fun night for everyone

Monday: Couldn't make up my mind what to do so I started benching: 135 X 10, 225 X 10, 315 X 2, 315 X 3 off 1 board Then spud showed up and I started doing floor press with chain: Bar weight was 225 and we added 2 chains every set until we had 8 or 10 chains on per side. All sets were 2-3 reps and the lst 2-3 sets were done off a one board.

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