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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Squats

I normally do chain squats with low bar weight and a lot of chains, but wanted to switch it up this time so my bar weight was 505 instead of 415.
Started adding chains two at a time at 505 (briefs): went 2-4-6-8-10 chains for singles off a high box then a double with 505 and 12.5 chains with knee wraps (I count the 3/4 chain as 1.5 chains). The stand-up was the hardest part, but once i got to the box it was all good. The troll came down and squatted with us, and for once he wasn't a sandbagger. Next time I think I am going to increase the bar weight more, because it was a little too light off the box. At least it let me feel some heavy weight.
Reverse Hyper: 1 set of 15 with 4-500? My neck and upper back were all screwed up from squatting.

Oh yea.... Almost forgot the 20 minutes I did on the step mill after closing up. This was the first time I used it....actually kinda fun as long as you switch it up.

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