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Friday, December 26, 2008

speed pulls and Christmas

We did some easy speed pulls today. I worked up to 365 and did 6-8 sets of 3. I did one set sumo and one set conventional each time. Conventional felt better than sumo since it was light.
That was about it for Christmas eve. I closed up the gym and off Lindsay and I went to NC to visit family. It was a great Christmas with lots of food, and always. I had been planning to propose to Lindsay for a few months and now was the time I thought best. So on Christmas morning all of her family gathered around the tree to open gifts, I made her wait for mine last. There were lots of tears and hugs as her family never saw it comming. Now I am back safe and sound in columbia eagerly awaiting the start of my training cycle that is still about a month away. I might try out a new bench shirt I got for Christmas. One of my clients baught me a bash bench shirt for Christmas.....Needless to say I was suprised. Time to get back to work.......

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