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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Taking it easy

I finally had my last day of classes this past Friday, so after my exams i have about a month off!
I havn't been doing anything monumental in my training, so I havn't posted. I feel a little banged up (the shoulder is cranky) and run down from not sleeping much (school) and just not taking time off when I need too, so I think I am going to make December a recovery month. I am still going to train like i normally do, but just do a little more volume instead of doing singles and doubles every week. I think this will help me when it comes time to start our training cycle for the master/junior nationals in may. It should be a good cycle. We are going to try some new things and a thow in a few new exercises spud and I have conjured up. Here is the latest few workouts I have done:

Wedneday 12/3/08
RDL's: worked up to 315 for 4-5 sets of 5
Sump pulls (weight on 3 inch box): 245 X 5, 335 X 3, 425 X 3, 515 X 1
Dale Throughs (as spud calls them) it is a modified pull through/goodmorning with a kettlebell swing: 2 sets of 15 with a 24 kg kb.
Reverse hyper: 3 sets of 15 with 600

Saturday: Raw box squat with chains: worked up to 325 and 5 or 6 chains per side for 3-4 sets of 3. The sets felt better as I went on, but tried not to push it too hard.
Spud and I have come up with a new exercise that we can't settle on a name for. It is a combonation of a deadlift/goodmorning/zercher squat.........I know my discription of it isn't that helpful (I'll try to get a video of it up) It sucks so bad it has to help. alternated between doing zercher style and goodmorning style:155 X 5, 245 X 5, 335 X 5.
Reverse hyper: 1 set of 20 with 500.

It was a little quiet in the gym this morning as we have got 3 of our crew resting up for a meet next weekend. I am sure it will be a good meet for all of them.

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