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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bench and pulls

Used the Denim shirt tonight: 585 X 2 (3 board) 635 X 1 or 2 off 1 board, 675 X missed at the very top off 1 board, 635 X 2 off 1 board. I think I may have done one or two more sets I can't remember.......I know my body feels like I did a lot more than I did. Probably try an opener next week.

Wednesday we went back to pulling instead of squatting. Felt like I needed to keep pulling but didn't feel like going heavy so I went 4 sets of 2 with 405. Did not feel great, but they were decently fast. Hanging super high leg raise 2 sets of 5
reverse hypers: 2 sets of 20.

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