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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The doughnuts are working.....

The angry troll read my log about eating all kinds of bad food and thought he was going to give me a nutrition intervention on squat night. This was not to be, and soon after many failed attempts to lead me astray from my junk food he gave up and started squatting.
Free squats with straight bar: 245 X 5, 325 X 5, 435 X 1, (briefed up on this set) 595 X 1, 685 X 1
Suit bottoms on 815 X 1, straps up and knee wraps 905 X 1 (not that pretty: messed up the pick-up, had no arch, and sat straight down) 1005 X 1 First time with a grand on my back (with straight weight) Everyone was in agreement that I hit spud depth with it (it works out to be around an inch or so high from meet depth) The weight moved pretty well in the bottom, but fairly heavy at the top. Looking forward to taking a few days to rest my back and get to feeling good again.
After one day of hotdogs and reese cups I went from 296 to 301.......I'll take that

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