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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

*WARNING* Explicit content (If you are on a diet)

I haven't worn my denim shirt since I was about 315 lbs. Right now I am around 295-300 lbs and my shirt is too loose. Everyone can guess my solution to the problem.......Boston cream pies, brownies, bravarian cream doughnuts, Big Reese Cups, cheap wal-mart PB cups, and many bags of choc chip cookies (soft batch is my favorite).
No Diet soda anymore, it's the real deal for another 4-5 weeks
lean meats are out the its all about hot dogs, Bologna, and pizza.
I am kinda looking forward to this weekend when Lindsay and I go to NC to find a caterer and go cake tasting for our wedding, but everyone keeps telling me they will only give me crumbs to try.
I guess I could consider this my last little bit of freedom before I start my diet after the meet.
I wonder How fast I can gain 15 lbs.........

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