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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Deload Deads and Cardio

Took a scheduled deload day on wednesday. I just helped the guys that were squatting and benching. I decided to pull the small chain around the building since it was cardio night. Pulled it around in about 11 ish minutes. It was harder than I remembered and had that throw-up feeling for about 20 minutes after (This was particularly disturbing to me because it delayed me eating my Arby's melts)

Lat Pulldowns using Spud Inc Jump Rings: 4 sets of 8 med-heavy
did a few sets of close grip bench with 135-185 ish
Cybex Overhead press machine: used 25 on each side for 4 sets of 15
Straight bar band pushdowns: 4 sets of 25

Simple easy done

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