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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First night in suits

Squats with straight bar: There was a lot of weird weights and weight changes so I can't remember all the weights. My last set in briefs was around 800 X 1, 845 X 1 (nice and high) in suit bottoms, 905 X 1 straps up, 950 X 1 straps up. It felt weird getting back in a suit, and I was all over the place in my decent. Once I got to the bottom and figured out where my hips were the up part wasn't so bad. All the weights moved pretty fast, so no complaints there. Next week I am planning on taking some bigger jumps to try to get that figured out for meet day. Looking forward to heavy pulls on Saturday. Nothing like two Max Effort workouts in one week to make the body feel good.

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