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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Squat / Get stapled Day

Last week of band squats so we decided to do two blues over the plates on the buf bar. 235 X 5, 325 X 1, 415 X 1, 465 X 1 (best of the workout) 505 X 2 misses. The first miss was ugly from the get go. Took too long to get it set up and get air, not sitting back enough, oh yea, and the coming off the box part.....i messed that up too. the second wasn't quite as ugly, and I almost squeaked an ugly rep out but missed it on the way up. Who knows how much it was at the top. All I know is it was heavy as hell, bands suck, and I am looking forward to deloading next Saturday.
I still have not tried my suit on since I used it when I was a "super-fat" 320lbs. Now that I am a more "sveltlike" 300 lbs It might be a little too lose. I look at it this way....I am a genetically gifted freak that can get fat quickly so there is not much to worry about.

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