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Saturday, March 28, 2009


I guess I payed the price for trying to do two near 90 % lifts in one week. I sucked on all my pulls. Mike said it best, "its not that just hurts"
585 X 1, 635 X miss (tried my briefs and suit on this one and never could get down. 635 X 2 singles in just the suit bottoms. Ripped my thumb open on the last set so I cut my losses and called it there. I will no better next cycle.......I knew better this cycle, but it didn't stop me from trying to do it.
Stability ball leg raises with med ball: 3 sets of 15
Reverse hyper: 2 sets of 15
Did a little incline treadmill for 25 min since it was raining. Figured out a great way to cut weight today. Cover yourself with HOT liniment, put a sweatshirt on and walk on the treadmill.

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